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There is nothing better for us than chatting cheese with friendly folk. One day in person but for now we're enjoying the wonders of Zoom. Your cheese gets delivered to colleagues across the land, then our hosts guide you through your selection. We've even built an interactive cheese quiz (no Zoom is complete without a quiz).

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cheesegeek founder no less. Cheese lover from birth and passionate about bringing artisan cheese into the mainstream. Judge at International Cheese Awards, he knows his terrior from his Tunworth so you don't have to. Talks to anyone and everyone about how brilliant the yellow stuff is. Ask him is favourite cheese and he'll tell you it's all of them.



There are only 418 Masters of Wine in the world, 210 of which are based in the UK (go Britain)! It takes at least three years to complete and you have to have at least three years’ experience in the wine trade and a preexisting wine qualification to even apply, sounds pretty easy right? Essentially it’s the ultimate accolade in the wine world and we are very lucky to be working with Alistair Cooper, class of 2017, wine extraordinaire and all round great guy.



Some lovely people have said some lovely things...

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  • This guy is really passionate about cheese. Great fun.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and diligence!! The cheese boxes were/are amazing! Love the packaging and the cheese. What a great surprise. Thank you so much for working so hard to get it done so quickly!!


    The Independent

  • Ed, Charlotte and the team were super-professional.

    Booking and cheese deliveries could not have been easier. Ed was great on the night - no question too tough and is clearly a man who loves his work. He also a good line in cheesey jokes. The cheese selection took us from accessible to challenging and everyone loved at least one. I can easily imagine we'll come back for more because there's so much more to explore.


    The Telegraph

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