cheesegeek loyalty

Here's to you. Our cheese loyalty programme is our way of giving back to you. Whether you're a serial purchaser or a rolling subscriber, there's rewards for everyone. Buy cheese. Get cryptocurds. Create an account. Get cryptocurds. Leave a review. Get cryptocurds.

How it works

Join us

Sign up to cheesegeek and get 250 points for simply creating an account. It's that simple.

Earn cryptocurds

Earn points every time you buy cheese online. You get 5 cryptocurds for every £1 you spend in our cheese shop.

Spend cryptocurds

Use your cryptocurds when you checkout to get ££ off your order. Essentially, get your hands on more cheese.

How to earn cryptocurds

Make a Purchase

5 per pound spent

Opt into Marketing

20 Cryptocurds

Follow on Social

20 Cryptocurds for each channel

Leave a review on Okendo

10 Cryptocurds

Create an account

250 Cryptocurds

Have a Birthday

20 Cryptocurds

How to spend your cryptocurds

Spend your curds at checkout to get money off. 500 points gets you £5 off 1000 points gets you £10 off. But don't worry, we'll do the maths for you. You can check your balance in your account area.

How to spend your cryptocurds

Curd Perks

Our exclusive loyalty programme for Jimi rolling subscribers. Get more rewards as you get more boxes (yes you heard us right). Start reaping the rewards of being a rolling subscriber from the second box onwards. To find out more about Curd Perks, head to the link.

Curd Perks


  • How do I join Cryptocurds

    Simply create an account and start earning points. Easy peasy cheasy.

  • How do I earn points?

    You earn a Cryptocurd for every pound you spend as well as for making certain actions on our site.

  • How do I check my balance?

    Log into your cheesegeek accountand you can check your total points balance as well as any points that you have spent.

  • When do my points expire?

    You have 365 days to spend your Cryptocurd points from when you earn them. After this, they will expire.

  • How do I spend points?

    You can redeem your points at the checkout using £5, £10 or £15 vouchers. A £5 voucher is worth 500 points, a £10 voucher is worth 1,000 points and so on...

  • Will I still earn points if I use a discount?

    Yes, your points will be calculated based on the order total after the discount has been applied.

  • When will my points be approved?

    Points for purchases and actions will be automatically approved up to 7 days after the purchase. If they haven't please get in touch.