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Meet the geeks

Meet the geeks

Our crack team of geeks making the cheesegeek world go around. We're a growing team, small but mighty, working across all areas of the bizz that we call cheese from Operations and Customer Service to Marketing and Corporates. We like to consider ourselves disruptors, whether that's revolutionising the way that cheese is packaged or simply breaking the boundaries of how much cheese can be consumed in a day.

Meet the geeks


The Cheese Geek

Geek No.1

The mothership. A cheese overlord. Edward can usually be found around the fridges snaffling the latest finds despite this not being his role. When he’s put the cheese down for longer than 5 minutes, he shapes the strategy and sets the overall direction for the business.

  • Fave Cheese:

    That's like asking me to choose my favourite child

  • Cheesey Song:

    It's not cheesey if it's Oasis

  • Likes:

    Cheese, Man United, Golf

  • Dislikes:

    Supermarket cheese


Design Geek

Geek No. 2

Entirely responsible for the cheesegeek brand you see today. From inserts to website to cheese-y social media graphics. Thank goodness she likes yellow (and a select few other colours) or perhaps she was just going through a Coldplay early 2000's phase...'look at the stars...'

  • Fave Cheese:

    Yellow cheeses really

  • Cheesey Song:

    Yellow, Coldplay

  • Likes:


  • Dislikes:

    Things that aren't in her colour palate (or aligned)


Cheese Operations Officer

Geek No. 3

Day to day running of cheesegeek operations - Rich helps everything tick a long nicely. His lack of cheese knowledge is made up for by his positive attitude, love of meetings and general thirst for start up life. Despite the knowledge gap he thinks cheese 'is the best thing ever invented'.

  • Fave Cheese:

    Blue through and through. Harrogate Blue if I have to pick one

  • Cheesey Song:

    Blue (Da Ba Dee)

  • Likes:

    Arsenal, Meetings, Airpods

  • Dislikes:



Head Operations Geek

Geek No. 4

Our second real aficionado and the geek that brings the human element to our cheese selection robot. She has an extensive knowledge of all the cheeses we sell and how to get them from the makers to your tables. Want any food recommendations, she's your gal.

  • Fave Cheese:

    Vintage Stithians

  • Cheesey Song:

    Mysterious girl - Peter Andre

  • Likes:

    Cheese, scrabble, free tote bags

  • Dislikes:

    Jalapenos, Robbie Williams, ketchup in the fridge


Operations Geek

Geek No. 8

Jen is the latest person to come in and help us pull together all of our delicious cheeseboxes for sending. The Robin to Annabel's Batman, if you love the cheeses in your subscription box, this Geek is responsible for filling your boxes with cheesy yumminess.

  • Fave Cheese:

    Winny Winslade

  • Cheesey Song:

    Butterfly - Crazy Town

  • Likes:

    Guessing people's starsigns, vintage jumpers

  • Dislikes:

    Selfies, Aperol Spritz


Customer Happiness Geek

Geek No. 10

Tara is responsible for our customer happiness. Have a problem with your order, she'll help. Have a question about our site, fire away. Chatting to us on live chat, she's on the other end... (even if she's living in Ibiza). If you're happy then she's happy! What a champ.

  • Fave Cheese:

    You can't beat a classic cheddar

  • Cheesey Song:

    The Grease megamix......the shame

  • Likes:

    Dogs, spooky things, chocolate

  • Dislikes:

    Marmite, slow walking people in front of me, winter


Warehouse Geek

Geek No. 16

Working across dispatch and warehouse, she's great at streamlining processes, busting a move or whipping up baked goods.

  • Fave Cheese:

    Wyfe of Bath

  • Cheesey Song:

    You've got the Love - Florence & The Machine

  • Likes:


  • Dislikes:

    Stock not being rotated

What makes us different?

We’re Ambitious

Across the industry, our cheese, our service, our tech.... we strive to be the best.

We’re Responsible

For cheesemakers, for our customers, for our environment

We’re Together

We love sharing the cheese knowledge. It's why we're here and unites us as a company.

We’re Passionate

Enthusiasm reigns. Whether it's cheese, CO2 emissions or our tech.

We’re Disruptive

We're proud to be part of the cheese community but we're here to shake it up.

Join the cheesegeek team

The self styled Modern Cheesemonger, we operate purely online sending out recklessly good looking boxes filled with award winning cheese. Billed as the Netflix of Fromage, our sweet spot is subscriptions where we’re able to lead merry customers on a journey through the cheese universe.

Whilst we’re official ‘cheese heads’, in reality we dance on the line between cheese and technology. Great cheese has been around for donkey’s years - but we’re now taking it to the masses with some of the smartest tech around. We’ve rather handily coined this ‘Cheesetech’. Think proprietary software to allocate cheese...and the world’s first cheese purchasing app.

We’ve grown fast since starting out from our own kitchen just over 4 year ago. Now based in Raynes Park, we’re sending out literally tonnes of cheese each month - enough to class us in the high growth startup category. But we’re not stopping there. 82% of the UK population eat cheese each week...we’re on a mission to get more of these people eating better cheese.

Simply put, our ambition is to be game-changers, and to take cheese retail to a new level. Think cheese, think cheesegeek.

Cheese Whisperers (Cutting, Wrapping and Packing)

At cheese HQ we have orders going out at quite a clip so we're on a mission to unearth some champion cheesemongers, or as we call them, cheese whisperers.

Why Whisperers? Because in a short space of time (it might be already), cheese will become your best friend. You’ll quickly find yourself whispering sweet nothings to a Tunworth or even scribbling love notes to a Comte. This is the sort of love and care for cheese that we’re looking for. Once you’re in that special relationship place, your primary focus will be cutting, wrapping and packing cheese..

Apply Now

Cheese Specialist

We're always keen to hear from fellow Geeks who would like to join us on our cheese journey. If you have worked in the industry and are on the lookout for a new challenge, drop us a line.

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