Meet the Geeks

meet the geeks

Our crack team of geeks making The Cheese Geek world go around.


cheese geek

The mothership. A cheese overlord. Edward can usually be found around the fridges snaffling the latest finds despite this not being his role. When he’s put the cheese down for longer than 5 minutes, he shapes the strategy and sets the overall direction for the business.

Geek no. 1

Fave cheese: that's like asking me to choose my favourite child
Cheesy song: It's not cheesey if it's Oasis
Likes: Cheese, Man United, Golf
Dislikes: Supermarket cheese


design geek

Entirely responsible for the The Cheese Geek brand you see today. From inserts to website to cheese-y social media graphics. Thank goodness she likes yellow or perhaps she was just going through a Coldplay early 2000's phase...'look at the stars...'


Geek No. 2

Fave cheese: Yellow cheeses really
Cheesy song: Yellow, Coldplay
Likes: Yellow
Dislikes: things that aren't yellow (or aligned)


Cheese Operations Officer

Day to day running of The Cheese Geek operation - Rich helps everything tick a long nicely. His lack of cheese knowledge is made up for by his positive attitude, love of meetings and general thirst for start up life. Don't mistake the knowledge gap for a dislike of cheese...'it's the best thing ever invented'.

Geek no. 3

Fave cheese: Blue through and through. Blue Monday if I have to pick one
Cheesy song: Blue (Da Ba Dee)
Likes: Arsenal, Meetings, Airpods
Dislikes: Negativity


head operations geek

Our second real aficionado and the geek that brings the human element to our cheese selection robot. She has an extensive knowledge of all the cheeses we sell and how to get them from the makers to your tables. Want any food recommendations, she's your gal.

Geek no. 4

Fave cheese – Vintage Stithians
Cheesy song – Mysterious girl - Peter Andre
Likes – Cheese, scrabble, free tote bags
Dislikes – Jalapenos, Robbie Williams, ketchup in the fridge

Charlotte D

Customer service & corporate geek

Charlotte is here to focus on keeping our Cheese Geek community happy, she knows the answer to pretty much every question off the top of her head. If that wasn't enough, she also organises our corporate orders. We secretly think she's superwoman!

Geek no. 7

Fave cheese – Halloumi fries - kidding, Cashel Blue - stuffed in a Burrata (Charlotte u ok?)
Cheesy song – Spice Up Your Life - Spice Girls  
Likes – Pugs on Instagram, Pugs in cute outfits and cradling pugs like a baby
Dislikes – Anyone who won’t let me hold their pug


operations geek

Jen is the latest person to come in and help us pull together all of our delicious cheeseboxes for sending. The Robin to Annabel's Batman, if you love the cheeses in your subscription box, this Geek is responsible for filling your boxes with cheesy yumminess.

Geek no. 8

Fave cheeseWensleydale (coupled with an apology, strange)
Cheesy song – Butterfly - Crazy Town
Likes – Guessing people's starsigns, vintage jumpers
Dislikes – Selfies, Aperol Spritz


digital MARKETING geek

Strategy, website, email, social media, brand partnerships, the cheesy playlist (check our Spotify) and essentially anything under the marketing umbrella, Rhiannon is responsible for. Outside of that, you'll find her a very very willing participant of any cheese tasting.

Geek no. 9

Fave cheeseSinodun Hill
Cheesy song – Anything ABBA
Likes – Cinnamon buns, walking from one end of the city to the other, June 21st
Dislikes – Pigeons, really cold ice cream, pigeons stealing your perfectly lukewarm ice cream


Customer service geek

Alongside Charlotte D, Tara is responsible for our customer happiness. Have a problem with your order, she'll help. Have a question about our site, fire away. Chatting to us on live chat, she's on the other end... If you're happy then she's happy!

Geek no. 10

Fave cheese – You can't beat a classic cheddar
Cheesy song – The Grease megamix......the shame
Likes – Dogs, spooky things, chocolate
Dislikes – Marmite, slow walking people in front of me, winter


DISPATCH and content geek

One of the team dispatching your orders, Amy is our Captain Cheese Whisperer and is a star at wrapping, packing, stock counts and anything behind the scenes. On top of that you can find her waxing lyrical about cheese on our digital channels.

Geek no. 11

Fave cheeseLincolnshire poacher or anything in a toastie
Cheesy song – Africa - Toto
Likes – Hawaiian shirts, cats, Friday Night Dinner (the show and the meal), sleeping
Dislikes – Papercuts, hypocritical philosophers, not being able to nap


head dispatch geek

Our longest standing member of the dispatch team, Nicola is the glue that keeps dispatch together. First in and last out, queen of the ponytail, master of stock rotation and just about the nicest person you'll ever meet. Nicola, we're lucky to have you, even if you scare us with how quietly you walk up stairs.

Geek no. 12

Fave cheeseSpenwood
Cheesy song – Dancing in the Moonlight - Toploader
Likes – Dessert, Oranges, Orange Flavoured things
Dislikes – When other people don't order dessert, things that aren't orange


environmental geek

Bella is passionate about sustainability and trying to make sure we minimise our impact on our planet, both as a business and as humans. If she's not intensely scrutinising recycling processes or bin diving (happens more than you might think), you can find her trying to improve our packaging, completing a crossword or turning off plugs.

Geek no. 13

Fave cheeseCashel Blue
Cheesy song – Strong Enough - Cher (a classic)
Likes – Bins, cryptic crosswords, salt and Eurovision
Dislikes – Slow walkers, food waste and Mr Bezos

rachel & Jemma

warehouse geeks

These two come as a pair. If you see Rachel, you will see Jemma close by and vice versa, so much so that we couldn't possibly separate them out on here. Working across dispatch and warehouse, they're great at streamlining processes, busting a move or whipping up baked goods.

Geeks no. 14 & 15

Fave cheeseRachel
Cheesy song – You've got the Love - Florence & The Machine
Likes – Baking
Dislikes – Being apart from each other


salesforce geek

An absolute force behind the scenes, Billy is our resident Salesforce expert, cosy with code, customisation, and ensuring that our cheese universe runs smoothly. He is the official tech head at TCG and outside of that is insanely competitive and loves to eat an onion. Record holders for speed onion eating, watch out...

Geek no. 16

Fave cheese – Mrs Bell's Blue
Cheesy song – Hero by Enrique Iglesias
Likes – MMA, Odd socks
Dislikes – Poorly commented code, Properly paired socks

alistair, mw

wine geek

A venerable Master of Wine, Ali oversees and curates our cheese and wine pairings. With over 20 years of experience in the wine industry, a love of cheese and lengthy tastings (who doesn't love a glass of wine and wedge of cheese or two for breakfast), he is the perfect person for the job.

Geek no. 17

Fave cheese and wine pairingCornish Kern with a slightly oaky Chilean Chardonnay
Cheesy song – Red Red Wine by UB40
Likes – a simple glass of Provençal Rosé in the sunshine
Dislikes – certain grape varieties


finance geek

Tina loves finance almost as much as she loves wine (good thing we work with an MW). If she's not chasing Rich, Rhi and Annabel for invoices (sorry Tina!), then she's crunching the numbers or making sure we all get paid on time. Tina you might just be our favourite Geek...

Geek no. 18

Fave cheese Sparkenhoe Red Leicester
Cheesy song – Saturday Night by Whigfield
Likes – Songs with actions, my dog, wine
Dislikes – fruit in savoury food, pineapple does not belong on pizza.