We know Cheese doesn't grow on trees

It's no surprise that the cheese we send out comes from the best farms - they care for their animals, they care for their land so unsurprisingly, they create the wonderful produce you receive in your boxes. We've done some looking in the mirror and challenged ourselves to do better - to improve the packaging so that it can be reused or recycled more widely or to offer the potential to offset carbon emissions on deliveries. We're just starting out, there is still more ground to cover.

Carbon offsetting

Our Geeks have been busy calculating the carbon cost of The Cheese Geek, from production of the cheese all the way to our recklessly good-looking boxes arriving at your door. As we grow, this cost will rise which is why we're putting in place new processes and offsetting measures now. Eagle eyed customers will have noticed that we now offer the chance to offset your delivery. In actual fact, this goes a whole lot further. With the take up we have had, we are now the world's first carbon negative cheesemonger! Our business is now 217,208kg in the green! that's equivalent to 241 flights, 9,976 mature trees being planted or 528,487 car miles. Read more here.

9,976 mature trees planted

241 Flights offset

528,487 car miles offset

671 annual commutes offset

The dairy industry as a whole has been taking a look at itself and its practices in recent years. Economic pressures had been encouraging farms to get bigger and bigger without any thought of the environment we're all so reliant on. In fact, 13 farms in the UK emit more pollution than all of the others combined! Much of this has been brought to light by pro-vegan campaigns such as "Dairy is Scary" (although we'd alter that slightly though, to "Big Dairy is Scary").  It makes you think twice about supermarket own brand dairy. Enter the rise of sustainable regenerative farming. We work with makers who are committed to giving back to the land they use. The biggest polluters in dairy farming are the animals themselves. With reforestation projects and the planting for nitrates and shrubbery plus the correct removal of waste, many of our cheesemakers will be carbon neutral in the very near future. How many industries can make that claim? Read more here

Happy cows (or sheep, goats...buffalo)

Nick at The Bath Soft Cheese company put this better than we ever could have, "Happy cows make happy cheese makes happy customers". All of the farms that we use are extremely progressive in their animal welfare policies and have often spent generations working on small farms with their animals. These farms are much more of a community than the scary videos you see of large factory farms. Science and research on the topic of animal welfare are progressing rapidly and all of our passionate and friendly suppliers are making moves to make their farms the best possible place for their animals, the biodiversity and the general environment. These farms better resemble the old fashioned image of cows grazing in sunny fields than cows packed in inhumane sheds. Read more here.

Packaging of the future

Whilst we are official cheese heads here at Geek HQ, coming in a close second is our rather mysterious love of packaging and insulation. We have big plans to grow and grow which ultimately means more and more boxes heading out across the land - from the outset, we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that this packaging is sustainably sourced, easily recyclable, reusable and biodegradable. Get it right now and we’ll be able to stay in control of our footprint in the future. Read on...