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Berkshire, England

8-12 weeks

Cow's (V, U)



Beer Pong

Washed in IPA gives a lovely hoppy tang


Village Maid are cheesemakers that just know what they are doing... they make the wonderful Wigmore, Waterloo and Spenwood. Maida Vale is their most recent cheese, and is made in a similar style to Waterloo, except it is washed during maturation in IPA. So whilst the cheese is inherently buttery, creamy and rich on account of using Jersey cows (notoriously creamy milk), the IPA brings into the mix a nice little tangy punchy kick that just keeps you thinking. As with all cheeses like this, the majority of that kick will come from the rind, so you can compare the taste of the centre cheese vs the rind...quite a difference! Pairing has to be a nice punchy IPA to really match those flavours in the cheese.

TCG top Tip: Pairs brilliantly with an you would expect!!

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