"Cheese waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful"


No. of cheeses

4 cheeses & 4 wines

Total grams

800g of cheese & 4 glasses of wine

Enough for

2-4 people


Free guaranteed pre 4pm (UK mainland)


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Christmas time...great cheese and wine

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Cheese and wine, wine and cheese, whichever way round you put it, your tastebuds are the winner. We’re giving the world what they want this Christmas with the box to end all boxes. Four cheeses, four wines. Rewind...four award winning, crowd pleasing, never to be seen in a supermarket cheeses and four wines curated and paired by our in house experts.

Great as a Christmas gift for Grandad, equally as good for a night in on the sofa by yourself.

The breakdown:

Old Winchester (200g) - A verified international cheese of mystery. You see it sitting on your board and you say ‘Old Winchester, you’re a Gouda’. You try some and at first, your tastebuds back up your eyes but then hold on. Like the cheese of mystery he is, the Gouda goes and you get the tangy cheddar tang. Bang. And if he wasn’t mysterious enough the end gives you a savoury, slightly salty Parmesan-like taste profile. Who even knows who the real Old Winchester is. We don’t, but we do know he an absolute belter of cheese.

Les Hautes Terrasses (187ml) - A complex cheese deserves a complex wine. This full flavoured, sumptuous Cotes Du Rhône has a note of cinnamon and black pepper...it really is Christmas all over.

Westcombe Cheddar (200g) - Cheddar is your go to cheese, we get it. But this isn't just any cheddar, this is Cranberries inspired chedd...WOAH. STOP! We don’t mean this glorious handmade with raw milk cheddar has been infiltrated by cheese-killing red berries, we mean it lingers. Does it have to? Yes it does, and we’re more than happy to let it. She’s deep, complex, with flavour notes of hazelnut and grass. Linger all the way as far as we’re concerned.

Perez Cruz (187ml) - A cheddar from deepest Somerset meets a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. The cheddar twang of the Westcombe stood up brilliantly against this Syrah blend, almost bringing out more fruitiness. Champion pairing for us.

Perl Wen (200g) - The makers of Perl Wen are actually originally Caerphilly experts, but turned their hand to making some other varieties of cheese - thank goodness because White Pearl is a cracker. Getting Geeky for a second...what is fascinating is that this Brie/Camembert style of cheese is usually quite earthy, mushroomy and reminiscent of Autumn dampness moisture and decaying leaves. But Perl Wen, on account of the Caerphilly influence, is far fresher. Fresher than say a Prince of Bel Air.

16 Little Black Pigs (187ml) - Caerphilly meets South Australia for this Chardonnay and it left us feeling totally tropical. Fruit explosion with citrusy notes and hints of melon. A nice lift when you’ve reached this stage of the board.

Shropshire Blue (200g) - A blue cheese made in Shropshire? Ha, that would be too easy. Nope, this guy is usually made in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire or Leicestershire. Just to really test your knowledge of English counties (and to confuse things further), we think his taste profile is bordering on a Cheshire! He’s just way more mellow than your traditional Stilton. Still strong and sharp...also an absolute beaut on any cheeseboard with its bright red punch.

Vat 27 (187ml) - you know you’ve got a killer combo when the sum is greater than the parts. This Australian Merlot removes a smidge of the saltiness and unleashes some of the more subtle flavours of the Shropshire.

NB. What you see is what you get. It’s tricky for us to swap cheeses in and out - if you’re looking to customise your box, consider The Lionel or The Tina.

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