"I know what you're thinking, did i order six cheeses or only five?"

cheese box including four award winning cheeses

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Cheese and wine, wine and cheese, whichever way round you put it, your tastebuds are the winner.

We’re giving the world what they want with the box to end all boxes. Four cheeses, four wines. Rewind...four award winning, crowd pleasing cheeses and four wines curated and paired by our in house experts.

Great as a gift for Grandad, equally as good for a night in on the sofa by yourself.

NB. Please note that from May 27th, we will be switching wine supplier. This will mean boxes sent out this week will include our new selection (they are excellent...images and full descriptions to follow!)

old winchester (200g)                                            

A verified international cheese of mystery. You see it sitting on your board and you say ‘Old Winchester, you’re a Gouda’.

You try some and at first, your tastebuds back up your eyes but then hold on. Like the cheese of mystery he is, the Gouda goes and you get the tangy cheddar tang. Bang. And if he wasn’t mysterious enough the end gives you a savoury, slightly salty Parmesan-like taste profile.

Who even knows who the real Old Winchester is. We don’t, but we do know he an absolute belter of cheese.

three choirs red 

A blend of 3 grape varieties well-suited to the UK's climate:

Fresh Berry fruit on the nose, a light fruity red wine, hints of damson on the palate, a balanced finish with light tannins. A great wine as an Aperitif, but also goes well with most fish dishes, white meat and dishes and rich dishes that benefit from a crisp element from the wine. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans (as are all the Three Choirs wines- Martin thinks there’s no reason why a winemaker should be using any animal products nowadays).

perl wen (200g)

The makers of Perl Wen are actually originally Caerphilly experts, but turned their hand to making some other varieties of cheese - thank goodness because White Pearl is a cracker.

Getting Geeky for a second...what is fascinating is that this Brie/Camembert style of cheese is usually quite earthy, mushroomy and reminiscent of Autumn dampness moisture and decaying leaves. But Perl Wen, on account of the Caerphilly influence, is far fresher. Fresher than say a Prince of Bel Air.

three choirs white 

40% Madeleine Angevine , 30% Phoenix, 20% Seyval Blanc, 10% Orion.

A crisp, fresh English Wine, summer hedgerow on the nose, leading on to a full fruit driven palate, and a long, clean, zesty finish.

Sparkenhoe Blue (200g)

A modern Stilton-style cheese, but made using traditional methods, and with raw milk, Sparky Blue is another fine example of the wonderful renaissance in small-scale, artisan British cheesemaking.

Made (and hand-ladled...my word does it make a difference!) in Leicestershire, the heart of Stilton country, by Will Clarke, son of rockstar cheesemakers Jo and David Clarke of Sparkenhoe Red Leicester, Sparky Blue is slightly denser and fudgier than other more crumbly Stilton style cheeses, and has the savoury levels dialled up...think old leather chair at your grandparents house vibes...in the best possible way. As with any world class blue cheese, it has the perfect balance of creamy richness, and savoury salty bite from the blueing, and the subtly wrinkling brown encroachment from the rind just adds to that leather chair theme. A patient maturation period of around 14 weeks allows all these complex, bold flavours to develop gradually, and in harmony.

If you want to get into truly traditional, modernist artisan cheese, Sparky Blue is unmissable.

three choirs sparkling 

40% Madeleine Angevine , 30% Phoenix, 20% Seyval Blanc, 10% Orion.

Picked early to capture freshness and refreshing acidity. A crisp, fresh English Wine, summer hedgerow on the nose, leading on to a full fruit driven palate, and a long clean, zesty finish.


Delivery & extras

Delivery is not only free, and not only at a set time of your choosing, but also comes in a climate control box (the only in the industry) that comes with a 48 hour freshness guarantee.

If that wasn't enough, we also add an insert that will talk you through the info on the cheeses, tasting notes and a scorecard to help you make the very most of your cheese and wine evening!

Four award winning cheeses with perfect wine pairings

Any extras tickling your fancy?

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