My favourite pairing from this year's Ultimate

By Edward Hancock

Dec 1, 2023

My favourite pairing from this year's Ultimate

This year’s Ultimate is jam-packed with very classical style cheeses, the real big hitters in the world of cheese. We couldn’t be happier with the pairings that we have ended up with, and importantly it is a lovely coherent flight of pairings as well. Perfectly balanced to manage your palate through the session!

An imposter?

We have also rather naughtily included a non-British cheese this year, but we just couldn’t resist sharing the pairing which was so incredible when we came across it. We also felt, if we were going to showcase a non-British cheese, it should be the best in the world. And this Gruyere in question indeed won Supreme Champion at the 2022 World Cheese Awards!

My favourite pairing?

A devilishly tricky question, and I must say that the Gruyere pairing is one not to be missed. If you like toffee apple, then this one will have you salivating!

The first pairing was also one of my favourites, a perfect example of both wine and cheese serving to elevate the other, and the fourth pairing of Swift and Côtes-de-Provence 2020 was such a welcomed freshener in the middle of the flight.

But I think my favourite pairing this year has to be Pairing 2, the Double Barrel and AOP Bourgogne 2020 Domaine Camu Frères.

The fresh Burgundy, with cherry and raspberry notes just did the most incredible job of balancing the salty, aged profile of the cheese with a burst of fruit. It led to caramel and boiled sweet flavours, and also allowed some very hidden butteriness in the cheese to emerge. The pairing also drew out the finish of both cheese and wine, allowing for even longer enjoyment. It almost transformed the Double Barrel into an aged Parmsan, with the balance and complexity of fruit, saltiness and umami.

We were really blown away by this pairing, and it’s my favourite pick from this year’s Ultimate.

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