By Claragh Nugent

Apr 28, 2022


There’s nothing we like to see more than three icons coming together to create an epic cheese. One that is so deliciously delectable and brilliantly British, it might just make the other cheeses a bit jealous. And with that, it’s time to introduce you to Yarlington.

Yarlington is the brain child of Sam Wilkin, a British Cheese Expert. He’s worked with Tom Oliver, the godfather of fine cider, generally regarded as one of the best (if not the best) cider maker on the planet . Between carefully curating small batches, being totally artisan and incredibly in tune with the beginning of the process from the land to the apples, he’s simply nailed it in the cider world. Lastly, but of course not least, David Jowett, a heroic cheesemaker within both Britain and well... the rest of the world really. David has already won countless awards for his incredible cheeses, and has managed to develop numerous different styles, all without fail, executed to the highest level, in a short period of time; Rollright, Ashcombe, Moreton, Evenlode and now Yarlington. So what do you get when you combine three icons to formulate one cheese - a masterpiece.

Our new beauty ‘Yarly’ was inspired by the well known Alpine Reblochon, so in simple terms - he falls between both Evenlode and Rollright in style of cheese. The rind is meticulously washed four times in a brine solution, and then an additional two times in a brine/cider wash to finish. The Yarlington Cider addition is an absolute necessity, as Tom describes, as it encourages the beautiful bacteria on the rind to fully feel at peace and express themselves, whilst the alcohol finishes off any of the rascal elements, meaning the cheese is both complex and intricate, but has a most definite refined, polished finish. It’s a little fruity, but also somewhat meaty, silky in texture and undeniably smooth.

As our Chief cheesegeek, Edward Hancock, has noted recently, “I've enjoyed a number of cheese and cider tastings over the years and it's a pairing that never fails to deliver. So, get me in front of a cider-washed cheese and I already know it's going to be about as mega as a cheese can get

Made using organic, pasteurised milk from both Friesan and Shorthorn cows from Manor Farm in Gloucestershire England, this cheese gem is exclusively available to our wonderful subscribers and will feature in every single Jimi and Elvis subscriber box this coming month, so get ready for this sensational stunner. If you haven’t already signed up to our personally tailored deliveries, or think the gift of cheese is a gift of a food lover's dreams, then check out our subscriptions here.

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