Christmas Cheese

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Not just cheese

Cheese on it's own is great, cheese paired with a fine wine or British charcuterie can be special. Check our wide range of accompaniments here

My favourite winter cheeses

The festive season gives us a chance to try some artisan cheeses at their best. Who can resist a Vacherin on their Christmas board? But there are more that taste at their best at this time of year

My favourite winter cheeses


She's back

The Ultimate artisan cheese and fine wine tasting experience


Cheese Blog

Chitter chatter, nitter natter. All about cheese. And Christmas.

It's Vacherin Season

Vacherin mont d'or - a winter cheese. The same cheese might taste completely different in the winter compared to spring, for a huge number of reasons and Vacherin is great at Christmas.

How to create the best Christmas cheese board

We all have a whole host of traditions when it comes to Christmas, but would Christmas really be Christmas without cheese? Learn how to create the best Christmas cheese board

Top 10 Christmas cheeses of all time

We’ve rounded up the cheeses that we not only think taste great at this time of year, but that also carry all the tradition of Christmas. Here is our countdown of the 10 most important Christmas cheeses of all time!