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Cote d’Or, France

8-12 weeks

Cow's (U)



Butter, Bacon, Broth

Another world-famous cheese, the pongy Epoisses. Epoisses is surface ripened using different bacteria than most cheeses, and is washed regularly in brandy. This moisture that is continuously added creates that distinctive stench! However, don’t be put off, because it’s bark is far worse than it’s bite! Deeply creamy, it is slightly farmy and leathery, and has a deep savoury, salty meatiness to it. The rind is perfectly edible, but just be prepared as it carries a lot of flavour, much of which mimics the smell!

TCG Top Tip: A lovely option for Epoisses is to bake it whole in its wooden box, and then dip crusty bread into it like a fondue. Delicious!

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