• The Cheese Geek Flower Marie

cg top tip: Pair with a nice fresh flinty white wine, as you might with a goat's cheese

Flower Marie

Age:  3-6 weeks
Milk:  Sheep's
Region:  East Sussex

Flower Marie is a soft, sheep's milk cheese that is incredibly thick and extravagant but to say the least. Various fresh and light notes burst through every bite with part citrus, yet part nutty flavours. The longer you allow her gentleness take over your mind, you'll find hints of yoghurt. All sorts of flavours can be identified, but best to give it a try yourself!

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Meet the Maker

Kevin & Alison Blunt had not planned on a life in farming, but in 1989 they took the plunge and began Golden Cross Cheese. From their Eastbourne farm, they specialise in soft, mould ripened sheep and goat cheeses using milk from local farms and their herd of 220 goats


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