• The Cheese Geek Goashee

cg top tip: A perfect summer cheese - enjoy with sweet fruit jams such as cherry or plum


Age:  4 months
Milk:  Goat's
Milk:  Sheep's
Pasteurised:  No
Region:  Cumbria
Vegetarian:  No

This little minx has been named after its mix of milk origins of both Goat AND Sheep's milk. Goashee has a light consistency, but also a deep complexity. The rind is a true puzzler seeing as it has both sweet and savoury flavours that just burst in your mouth.

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Meet the Maker

After training with a host of dairy royalty including Mary Holbrook, Martin Gott established St James in 2006. On his Cumbria farm, Martin produces raw milk sheep cheese from his herd of Laucane ewes with homemade starter culture which leads to fantastic variation.


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