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cg top tip: Enjoy crumbled in a summer salad with some beetroot!

Lady Grey

Age:  3 weeks
Milk:  Goat's
Pasteurised:  No
Region:  Cumbria
Vegetarian:  No
Best described as a charcoal goat's milk cheese with notes of nutty peanuts and underripe tangy pear. This delight has a rich and dense texture that can be truly experienced through the minerality of the rind. Think of a cheese simply overflowing with flavours without being too strong and you've got Lady Grey. It's even more unique in that it is made using a natural starter culture in tiny batches by Martin Gott and Lydia Robinson of St. James cheese.

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Meet the Maker

After training with a host of dairy royalty including Mary Holbrook, Martin Gott established St James in 2006. On his Cumbria farm, Martin produces raw milk sheep cheese from his herd of Laucane ewes with homemade starter culture which leads to fantastic variation.


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