The Perfect Father's Day Gift (spoiler alert - lots of cheese)

By Edward Hancock

May 20, 2022

The Perfect Father's Day Gift (spoiler alert - lots of cheese)

Top of the POPS - Father's Day Box

We’re getting long in the tooth here at cheesegeek. So long in fact, that we are now able to compile our greatest hits. And for us this means British artisan cheeses, or more specifically pairings. In our four years since the company launched, we have matched up cheese with the traditional (think wine), and the not so traditional (think coffee).


We’ve had a blast sourcing and tasting our perfect pairs but we didn’t want to let past partners be consigned to the annals of cheesegeek history. So we’ve re-sourced, re-tasted and been reminded that we have some classic combos in the locker that we had to bring together in our Father’s Day boxes, each of which contain over 1kg of different cheeses, including the following amazing pairings: 


Pitchfork and Crozes Hermitage (1x100ml tube)

A big cheddar and a big red. Pitchfork, an organic mature cheddar made by the Trethowan Brothers in Somerset, with a dense and creamy texture and an array of awards to its name. Paired with Crozes Hermitage, the wine gives a real sense of summer with hints of blackberry and cherry followed by melon. A true melt-in-the-mouth pairing.


Ashcombe and Riesling (1x100ml tube)

Crowned Supreme Champion at the 2021 Artisan Cheese Awards, Ashcombe is made in the style of Morbier, with the famous ash line through the middle. It is supple and farmy and has a lovely tang from the rind. Everything you'd want from a Morbier style cheese...but even better! Matched with a Riesling from the steep slatey slopes of the Mosel, this is an effortless combo, transporting us to an orchard.


Cenarth Brie and Kentish Pip: Forager (1x330ml can)

Cenarth Brie from Caws Cenarth in Wales is a creamy and buttery soft cheese with a deliciously gooey middle. As the cheese matures it develops more intense citrussy flavours, just a brie-lliant cheese in every sense of the word. Paired with Forager, a hedgerow berry cider, this cuts through the creaminess of the brie, bringing with it a real British summertime pairing.



Harrogate Blue and Northern Monk: Northern Star (1x330ml can)

Shepherd’s Purse will be a name that followers of cheesegeek are familiar with. Harrogate Blue has a beautiful golden amber colour, and is matured for a minimum of 10 weeks, it has all the time it needs to develop those creamy, moist, rich flavours that balance the sharp spiciness of the blue veining so craftily. The perfect gateway blue cheese for those on the fence! Paired with Northern Star, a caramel chocolate biscuit porter (5.2%) from Northern Monk, the cheese enhances the caramel notes in the porter. This is a Northern pairing through and through with the cheese hailing from Harrogate and the beer hailing from Leeds.


Maida Vale and Curing Rebels Brighton Salami (55g)

Buttery Guernsey milk soft cheese washed in an IPA, paired with a salami influenced by a classic Italian sausage, richly scented with fennel and fragrant Tellicherry black peppercorns. The fennel in the salami really shines through and ramps up the funk in the rind in such a good way without taking it too far. Really high on flavour without being too intense - all round winner with delicate but complex flavours.


We don’t stop there though. Also included are:


Three Gees (3 x 113g)

A mini selection of the best condiments in the land (thanks to Rosebud Preserves).


Original Sourdough Crackers (1 x 100g)

If you’re eating cheese with any other form of cracker or oatcake, stop it immediately. These are the best.


Cheesy extras…


Make the Father's Day gift deluxe - as a bonus you can add a bottle of the Sipsmith Martinez gin and a pair of cheesegeek socks for just £25 extra. There's every chance your dad will be on the floor when this is all wrapped up.


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