• The Cheese Geek Ashcombe

cg top tip: Pair with a light red such as Pinot Noir for a comforting combo


Age:  12 weeks
Milk:  Cow's
Pasteurised:  Yes
Region:  Oxfordshire
Vegetarian:  No
A Morbier style cheese with a line of wood ash running through, giving you gentle milky flavours with a slightly smoky finish. Ashcombe was once described as "Smoother than Marvin Gaye" and we'd have to agree. There's a reason this handsome chap (and we're not just talking about the cheesemaker DJ), has won so many awards.

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Meet the Maker

After learning his trade at dairies and affineurs in the UK and across the pond, David Jowett embarked on his solo venture in 2015, founding King Stone Dairy in Gloucestershire. Since then DJ has been on fire, expanding his range to more than 5 showstopping cheeses!


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