The ultimate Father's Day gift guide

By Edward Hancock

May 31, 2022

The ultimate Father's Day gift guide

For the man who didn’t want to get a dog but ends up loving it the most. For the man who ALWAYS falls asleep on the couch. For the man who replies “I’m Poland, nice to meet you” whenever you say you’re hungry”. But most of all, for the man who deserves the world. Whether it’s Dad, Stepdad, Uncle, Grandad, show your appre-cheese-iation this Sunday 19th June.

We offer gifts from £30 to £100. The perfect place to shop for Father's Day:


Gifts from £35:

The Lionel, £35

Hello, is it cheese you're looking for? Look no further than Lionel. He’s a balanced selection of our all-time favourites alongside equally exciting, but lesser-known, beauties. We’ll hand pick the best seasonal cheeses, then make sure they have been matured to perfection before freshly cutting, wrapping and packing. This really is cheese without compromise and you know you’ll be receiving over half a kilogram of gold standard yellow stuff.

With The Lionel, you’ll always receive around 600g of cheese - that’s enough for 4 people to enjoy as a cheese fest or up to 8 responsible adults if you're look for a little taster. Within this selection, you'll get 4-5 cheesy beauties.

Shop The Lionel here.

Elvis Gift Subscriptions, from £90

There is no better gift for a cheese fiend, nor is there a better way to get your cheese adventure kick-started, than a subscription from cheesegeek. It really is our gold standard. Our Elvis subscription is perfect for gifts, with the option to keep the cheese coming for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

4-5 of the finest cheeses totalling approx. 600g accomodating 4-8 people. Always perfectly balanced including some all time greats alongside equally exciting, lesser known alternatives.Cheese is as always seasonal and at the best stage of its life.

Shop The Elvis here.

The Freddie: Cheese & Beer, £45

Strap in, because The Freddie is an absolute belter of a box that is ready to rock n' roll. You know that bit of Bohemian Rhapsody (just the best song of all time) where they start singing Galileo and you just feel electrified. Well this cheese and craft beer box will have you feeling like that. NB. What you see is what you get (we're referring to the cheese and beer here; glasses you'll have to supply yourself). It’s tricky for us to swap cheeses in and out - if you’re looking to customise your box, consider The Lionel or The Tina.

  • 200g Gorwydd Caerphilly with 330ml of Eternal
  • 250g Evenlode with 330ml of Faith
  • 200g Harrogate Blue with 330ml Northern Star

Shop The Freddie here.


Gifts From £50:

The Tina: Cheese & Wine, £50

We think Tina is pretty much the best. Just about better than (or at least as good as) all the rest. You’ll know it’s party time when she arrives - you’ve got the usual balanced selection of our all time favourite cheeses mixed with some lesser known beauties but we’ve upped the ante and included at least 1kg if not 1.25kg of the yellow stuff!

  • 1.25kg (5 x 250g) of seasonal cheeses
  • A paired condiment & a packet of crackers
  • Pairing notes & a scorecard

Shop The Tina here.

The Sonny & Cher: Cheese & Charcuterie, £50

We decided it was time to spice things up with a Sonny and Cher 2.0. Having linked up with the incredible Curing Rebels, who are known as a small creative producer based in Brighton, making all things cured, fermented and smoked,  as well as using welfare and ethically farmed produce, we thought who better to join up with to make the worlds best Cheese & Charcuterie board ( Simply our opinion, but we wouldn't let you down). Here at cheesegeek HQ we cut no corners, so it truly was a long yet wonderful process of trying the most delightful cheeses and meats, to combine the perfect pairs.We've combined 3 incredible cheese with 3 outstanding meats. Expect saltiness, creaminess, umami-ness and sweetness, with everything in-between. A real explosion of tastebuds in your mouth. *Glasses not included*.

Each box contains three cheeses and three meats, accompanied with delicately deciphered pairing notes.


  • Sheep Rustler 200g
  • Maida Vale Mini 180g
  • Yorkshire Blue 200g


  • Rebel Coppa 55g
  • Rebel Bresaola 55g
  • Brighton Salami 55g

Shop Sonny & Cher here.

The Dean: Cheese & Gin, £50

We think this must be true love as we bring you one of our most delightful partnerships to date, a tale that's not quite as old as time, but as magnificent and enchanting as you can imagine. We're talking three of the most charming cheeses paired with a glorious gin, finished off with some damson fruit cheese, for that extra bit of tastebud explosion. Cheeseboard Martinez isn't your average gin, it was designed specifically for cheesegeek cheese by the legends at Sipsmith. Perfectly paired to your softies, goat's, blues AND hards resulting in a combination that is just as smooth as Dean Martin's voice. That's amore. 

  • 200g Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire
  • 200g Cropwell Bishop
  • 200g Perl Wen
  • 113g Damson Fruit Cheese
  • 20cl Cheeseboard Martinez

Shop The Dean here.

Gift from £75:

The Top of the Pops:

We've had a blast (quite literally) putting this box of our greatest hits together. And it's the cheesebox to make Pop, Dad, Stepdad, your own personal Superman, feel like he's on top of the world. We've revisited some of our most popular pairings (and there have been some whacky ones over the years) to bring you this compilation, with over 1kg of cheese for Dad to rock out to and enjoy. Available for delivery from 1st June. 

*rubik's cube not included*

  • 200g Pitchfork paired with 100ml Crozes Hermitage
  • 200g Ashcombe paired with 100ml Riesling
  • 200g Cenarth Brie paired with 330ml Kentish Pip Forager
  • 200g Harrogate Blue paired with 330ml Northern Monk Northern Star
  • 200g Maida Vale paired with 55g Curing Rebels Salami
  • 3 x 113g Three Gee's condiments selection
  • 100g Peter's Yard Spelt & Fig Crackers

Shop the Top of the Pops here.


Gift from £100:

The Top of the Pops Deluxe, £100

Optional in the Deluxe version

  • 20cl Sipsmith Martinez Cheeseboard Gin
  • Pair of cheesegeek Socks

Shop the Top of the Pops here.

The Elvis: 6 & 12 Month Subscriptions, from £177

There is no better gift for a cheese fiend, nor is there a better way to get your cheese adventure kick-started, than a subscription from cheesegeek. It really is our gold standard. Our Elvis subscription is perfect for gifts, with the option to keep the cheese coming for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

Shop The Elvis here.

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