• The Cheese Geek The Winston - Cheese & Cheeseboard Martinez

The Dean - Cheese & Cheeseboard Gin

3 cheeses
Sipsmith gin
2 to 3 people
730g approx

We think this must be true love as we bring you one of our most delightful partnerships to date, a tale that's not quite as old as time, but as magnificent and enchanting as you can imagine. We're talking three of the most charming cheeses paired with a glorious gin, finished off with some damson fruit cheese, for that extra bit of tastebud explosion. Cheeseboard Martinez isn't your average gin, it was designed specifically for cheesegeek cheese by the legends at Sipsmith. Perfectly paired to your softies, goat's, blues AND hards resulting in a combination that is just as smooth as Dean Martin's voice. That's amore. 

  • 200g Vintage Poacher
  • 200g Cropwell Bishop
  • 200g Perl Wen
  • 113g Damson Fruit Cheese
  • 20cl Cheeseboard Martinez

Delivery is not only free, and not only at a set day of your choosing, but also comes in a climate control box (the only in the industry) that comes with a 48 hour freshness guarantee.

If that wasn't enough, we also add an insert that will talk you through the info on the cheeses, tasting notes and a scorecard to help you make the very most of your cheesegeek delivery!

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Sensationally sippable gin, paired with three artisanal cheeses

Three phenomenal artisan cheeses, a Blue, a Brie and a Poacher, sealed with a kiss or 10, with the most elegantly devised gin, created specifically for our cheese by our friends at Sipsmith. Add a little Damson Fruity Cheese for a extra little zest. 

When the world seems to spin like you’ve had too much gin, that’s amore. When your life seems a breeze, like you've had too much cheese, that's amore

Dean Martin - at some point at the peak of his career

The Perfect Pairings

20cl Cheeseboard Martinez

Sipsmith have crafted a sensationally sippable gin, Cheeseboard Martinez; designed to perfectly complement a cheeseboard.


Inspiration was taken from popular cheese accompaniments, including aperitifs like the Martinez and fortified wines, to create this special blend. A combination of barrel-aged sweet vermouth with a fig and grape-heavy gin, simply delicious when sipped neat with your delicately picked cheeseboard. Soft, fruity and pine-like to the nose, with smooth juicy-forest fruit flavours and a light smokey, warming spice accompanied with a bitter orange hint to finish.


Vintage Poacher

Poacher gives you everything a great Cheddar should, but on top of that, another layer of deep burnt butter, nutty happiness that just makes you want to curl up in a ball and giggle


We call Poacher The Cheddar Slayer because so many people we know who love cheddar now call poacher home. For this magical pairing, the fruity and light smoky notes of the Martinez work well with the farmy alpine/cheddar characteristics of the Poacher - comforting and smooth, lingering and nutty classic but with a deep fruity twist. 


Cropwell Bishop Stilton

Cropwell Bishop Stilton is rubbed with salt to develop a strong and rich but creamy cheese with a lingering tang.


Cropwell Bishop Stilton is rubbed with salt to develop a strong and rich but creamy cheese with a lingering tang. The flavours are strenghtened by the blue mould veins that run throughout. The blueing of the Stilton added a bit of zing to the pairing - overall boozy, fruity notes without being too overpowering. The Martinez works well to cut through the creaminess in the cheese.


Perl Wen

Perl Wen, similar to a Brie/Camembert style of soft cheese, with the same earthy and mushroomy notes, but with a much fresher flavour


Perl Wen, similar to a Brie/Camembert style of soft cheese, having the same earthy and mushroomy notes, but with a much fresher flavour. It is a true twist of the classic Brie and cranberry flavour pairing. In relation to this match, the acidity in the cheese works well against the gin and the fresh flavours of the cheese works to lift out extra fruity notes from the gin -  a very festive tasting combo. 


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    Includes cheese info, tasting notes and pairing tips as well as a scorecard to track your favs.


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