Our biggest Father’s Day yet

Dads can be a special breed. They get geeky over the length of the grass, the hoppiness of a craft beer and stacking the dishwasher. They say they like time alone when deep down they love nothing more than gathering around a barbeque or seeing their family together and laughing.

We’re celebrating the uniqueness of dads with our biggest Father’s Day yet. Whether he loves beer, wine or is a bit of an expert, there’s a cheesebox for him.

Our biggest Father’s Day yet

Wine Dad

We think cheesegeek customer Lucy B. says it best:

“The Ultimate…was one of the best nights my dad and I have ever had at home! We ordered 2 and drank ALL OF the wines and tasted all of the cheeses and had a riot! May just order the one next time 😅 Could become a new…tradition!

Wine Dad

Expert Dad

Most dads fit in this category. Or at least think they do (we’re looking at you Daddy Pig). With cheese.ed, this is their chance to brush up on their cheese knowledge all whilst tucking into a board of their dreams. Discover British Alternatives to European Classics or explore what makes a great pairing.

Expert Dad

cheesegeek cheese.ed - learn about the classic cheeseboard

Beer Dad

It’s a hazy summer day, the BBQ has been a success although sausages seemed a little dangerously on the pink side. You and your dad are on the rug chatting golf and enjoying craft beer and artisan cheese. Happy days.

Beer Dad

The big questions

If you order your box before 2pm on Friday 16th June then it will be with you/Dad on the 18th, ready for Father's Day.

Delivery is FREE. We know we know, we're too good to you.

We recommend Dad (with a little help from his loved ones if he's willing) polishes off the softs/blues within 3 days and the hards within a week to enjoy the cheeses at their best.

No problem, you can send it directly to him to enjoy or you can select your delivery date at checkout and take it to him whenever suits you.

We deliver to most UK mainland addresses. To check our delivery area, head here.


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