Top 10 Cheeses to Romance With

By Claragh Nugent

Feb 8, 2022

Cheese Podium for Top Cheeses

Here at cheesegeek, we could have our first date, first kiss, first heartbreak and first love with pretty much any cheese. Each one has so much to offer, winning over our hearts (and taste buds) on daily occasions. First bites are always sealed with a kiss. Some days we just feel like running away to an exotic island with our ravishing favourites, but for now here are our top 10 romantic guys and gals. 

Disclaimer: Each and every one of our cheeses is a romantic in our hearts. 

Baron Bigod 

Baron Bigod really is a heavenly lover. He has balanced things absolutely perfectly between his work life and social life, his rich decadent butter flavours alongside the smooth and mushroomy ones. Some Brie style cheeses can be a bit sharp, a little salty when things don’t go their way, but this guy is cool as a cucumber on that front. His rind adds some serious fun into the relationship, allowing for that extra bit of excitement. He’s a keeper.


GRU-YEAH! This guy is strong, he’s hard (won’t let anyone hurt his lover) and he’s mature. He has flavours of wildflower and sweet meadow grass with a touch that is smoother than silk. This guy will show you a good time, whilst also treating you with both care and attention. What’s not to love?


This icon has a semi-soft washed rind, accompanied with a savoury, nearly meaty core, resulting in a real wholesome attitude. They have a real love-language of flavour, with interesting peanut-y and roasted onion notes. Made using organic cow's milk, they have redefined the meaning of natural. You’ll be in for a treat letting Evenlode care for and love you in the best ways possible.


If you’re into a spot of luxury, Rollright is the lady for you. She’s rich, but doesn't ever flaunt it... indulgent to the last bite. She has an immensely satisfying crunch that adds a little something extra to the relationship, without being too much. She’d butter anyone up with her smooth talk, but her genuinity is there to stay when she finds a true match. This doll is a keeper.

Westcombe Cheddar

Cheddar, one of the nation's favourite dudes. Some are mild, some a lot more mature, just like this guy. He has a zest throughout his body with a serious pop of caramel sweetness. He’s definitely a classic. Traditional by nature, traditional in actions. He has been made from the same recipe for the past 100 years, meaning chivalry certainly isn’t dead for this guy. 


We really can’t get enough of this superstar. She isn’t picky with who she dates, whether it's pasta, salads, pizza or just flying solo, she’s happy. What we do know, no matter who she’s with, she’s adding something special. She’s totally nutty, with a full umami flavour, but she’ll have you more than content throughout your relationship. She’s one of the most mature women in the biz, matured for 30 months, so you won’t need to worry about any mind games with her. She knows what she’s about.


This absolute gem of a Brie-style guy is famously rich, resulting in the creamiest, most smooth-talk around. He is a bit of a player with the ladies, but his soft yellow colour really shows how buttery he is, and how he’s well able to butter you up. He will show you more than a good time, and whisper sweet nothings into your ear as you experience his salty, mushroomy flavours. 

Cashel Blue

This Irish Blue Steel takes on how ridiculously good looking Zoolander is. He is the perfect guy if you’re looking for a little bit of sophistication and depth, without the sharpness or saltiness other blue boys can give. He starts off a little shy, but once you get to know him he reveals his sweet honey notes and straight up creamy goodness. He is a total romantic, constantly showering his lover in affection. A real keeper, and all round great guy. 


He is probably the most famous Sheep’s cheese, but fame certainly hasn’t gone to his head. He has stayed humble throughout, ensuring to treat everyone with respect and kindness. His delicious depth of rich nutty sweetness really shows through when he’s leaving little gifts around the house, and planning surprise dates weeks in advance. He has a wonderful graininess and a slight oiliness on the surface, which allows for quite the stunning complexion. He’s a definite ‘bring home to the parents’ kind of guy. 


Last but not least, Comte. She isn't the type to play with your emotions or lead you on, and is simply put, straight up terrific. She has a beautiful grainy texture, which combined with her deep nutty sweetness remind you of hot chocolate on a cold day. She’s a true lady, who is wonderful inside and out. We need more cheeses like this Comte, because she takes affection to a whole new level.

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