Cheese Puns and Jokes

By Claragh Nugent

Oct 15, 2021

The Lionel - Just Cheese

Pun - a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words which sound alike but have different meanings.

We know there are some grate cheese puns out there, that have been krafted to perfection, much like pretty much all the cheeses here at cheesegeek, but we figured it’d be a brie-lliant idea to compile some of the very best all into one space. We know it’s pretty cheesy, but we are cheese geeks after all. 

So lets go through this in a structured order by occasions: 

Sappy Cheese Puns: I know its cheesy but..

  1. Edammmm, you’re looking fine 
  2. I’ve Stiltons of love for you 
  3. I Camembert to be without you 
  4. We’re so much better to Cheddar
  5. You’re my Roquefort ever
  6. I love holding hands, when your parmesan mine

Birthday Puns: 

  1. Happ-brie Birthday 
  2. I hope you have a Gouda day 
  3. Don’t be blue, you’re not old, you’re just mature. 
  4. Three cheese for your birthday!
  5. You’ve aged better than cheese and wine. 

Cheesy Christmas Puns: 

  1. Enjoy the Christmas festivi-cheese. 
  2. Little baby cheesus 
  3. I chose your gift very Caerphilly 
  4. Happ-brie Christmas 
  5. Hope your cheesmas is a cracker

And our favourite cheese jokes

1. Why was the cheese feeling so happy and optimistic?

Because it’s gouda brie a good day.

 2. Where would you find cottage cheese on a restaurant’s menu?

Under the a la curd section!

3. Have you heard about the guy who opened up a store where they only sell swiss cheese?

It’s a hole business strategy

4. Why did the cheddar cheese decided to go to the gym?

To get shredded.


And last... but definitely not least

Did you hear about the explosion in the cheese factory?

There was de-brie everywhere. 

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