Cheesy Deodorant Ft cheesegeek x Wild

By Claragh Nugent

Mar 29, 2022

cheesegeek x Wild

We’re all about innovation, embracing originality and novel creations here at Cheese HQ. Sharing the thrill of the cheese universe along with all the flavours, smells, textures, and stories (you get the idea) in an inspiring way is what we’re all about. Eating and embracing all the cheese we can along the way is an added bonus.

We partner with brands to share our love of cheese and those who align with our ethos. We always ensure the other brand is sustainable and follow similar brand values (the most important being their love for cheese). It takes a good chunk of our time to do our homework, but when the perfect partner arises, it’s like a rich port & tangy stilton…exquisite. 

So...*virtual drumroll please* today we're announcing our partnership with Wild to launch three limited cheese-edition fragrances that smell so good, you’ll wish you could eat them (and you can). ⁠

These deodorants are natural, sustainable, plastic free, and best of all, have a cheesy smell that will last all day long. Say hello to Eau de Bleu, Salt & Milk and Nutty Orange, made with Britain’s finest cheese.⁠

Where did the idea for cheese scented deodorants arise from?

Valentine’s Day had passed and we were all wined, cheesed and chocolated out. You know that feeling you get when you’ve eaten so much that you literally get the sweats? You lie there helplessly waiting for the food coma to pass. How do you escape the funk? Maybe taking a shower or applying some deodorant might make you feel a little better, and in that instant the absolute genius brainwave dropped. This could and most likely is one of our greatest epiphanies. Cheese Deodorant. BRIE-LLIANCE! We know we can’t always eat cheese (and believe me, us cheesegeeks try), so if we can’t always eat it, let's smell it.

Say hello to three new scents, made with Britain's finest cheese. The scents will last all day long. In fact, experts, scientists and cheesegeeks have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, to land a formula that is proven to provide a full 24 hour of protection from our natural, stinky body odour and mask it with something a lot more agreeable. 

  • Eau de Bleu with Shropshire Blue: Tangy, rich and slightly spicy. Perfect for those hectic days where you simply haven’t had a moment to sit down. 

  • Salt & Milk with Baron Bigod: The earthy-mushroomy smell will have you smelling of rolling green hills with quite a farmy aroma. A little like the country farmer’s perfume scent. Ideal for those spending the day outside in the dazzling sun. 

  • Nutty Orange with Appleby’s Cheshire: This gem is bizarrely similar to the cheese itself. You can really smell the raw milk, and is totally nutty in both appearance and aroma. Fabulous for a bonkers day that just zooms by. 

Wild are a sustainable natural roll-on deodorant company, using a reusable applicator made from aluminium that will last you a lifetime. Sticks and refills are delivered straight to your door, just like our cheese boxes! The similarities and compatibility between us are simply uncanny. 

Edward Hancock, our chief cheesegeek said: “At cheesegeek we’re all about partnering with brands that align with us. Wild do just that. They’re sustainable, they’re innovative and above all, they love a great smell. We’re thrilled to have worked with them on these three of a kind cheese deodorants, and getting more people smelling cheesy, all of the time.”

Charlie Bowes-Lyon, Founder of Wild, said: “At Wild we always say that we want our scents to smell good enough to eat and our new scent launch is no exception! With just a couple of swipes, this deodorant counteracts your own cheesy body odour and replaces it with the scent of cheekgeek's exquisite cheese. We're so proud of this scent and can't wait to get customer feedback”

We’re beyond excited to launch our cheesy deodorant range. We’ve really taken things to the next level, and we’ve no intention of stopping here!

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