"He who has not Cheese in his heart, will never find it under the tree"


No. of cheeses

4 beauties

Total grams

850g approx

Enough for

Up to 10 cheese lovers


Free pre 12pm guaranteed (UK mainland)


Cheese info, Pairing notes and Scorecard


Christmas is nothing without cheese


Proper Truffle Honey, Red Onion & Port Marmalade, Peters Yard Original Crispbreads

Sold out

Welcome to Myrh...ie!

Perfect for the smaller Christmas bash, it contains four cheeses that will keep everyone happy. As well as around 850g of the greatest cheeses known to humanity, you also get 1 pot of Proper Truffle Honey (from Vallebona), 1 pot of Rosebud Preserves Red Onion & Port Marmalade and 1 pack of Peter's Yard Original Crispbreads (because even Batman needs Robin). To top it off, you also get a premium pre 12pm guaranteed, tracked delivery – cheese like this needs to travel in style.

The Brucey Bonus here is that it’s a British Box - every cheese is made on our fair isle. France, eat your heart out! Talk to me more about the cheese I hear you say:

Monty's Cheddar - Cheddar is your go to cheese, we get it. But this isn't just any cheddar, this is cheddar with the volume cranked up, made in the traditional way, but is also something the kids will tuck in to and won't be crying out for a Cheese String (although these are great too). It’s crumbly, strong and aromatic but not overpowering. A real king amongst the cheds.

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester - It's red. And it's Christmas. Why fight it? Sparkenhoe is in a league of its own, on a one cheese mission to dispel the myths that Red Leicester is boring and mild. The last remaining raw milk, traditional farmhouse Red Leicester made in the world, it’s nutty, buttery, with borderline caramel vibes. Show me the way to Leicester.

Tunworth - This is for you and nobody else....hide it under your napkin/chair/Christmas jumper and scoff it when everyone is too squiffy to notice. It's Camembert-like...but better. It is rich, creamy, buttery and smooth, but at the same time has so much complexity, with a really pleasant cabbage-style bitterness, and a lovely subtle earthy/mushroom aroma that fills your mouth. We've included a truffle honey as paired with the Tunworth, it is probably the greatest combination of foodstuffs ever. No need for Turkey this year, just pass me the Tunny.

Bath Blue - Great for Grandad. Why do Grandads love blue? Beats us...we think this blue cheese should be enjoyed by everyone. It’s made to your traditional Stilton recipe but it's not as lipsmackingly sharp as some. This means you get so much more complexity...slight creamy, teeny bit smokey, big roasted nuttiness, and the most amazing, lingering toasted finish. A superstar of the blue world and more than deserving of the Christmas call-up in place of Stilton. Nobody puts Bath Blue in the corner.

We only stock what we believe to be the very best condiments available to man so you shouldn’t fear our selection. Enjoy it, embrace it and indulge. It is Christmas after all.

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The Cheese Geek's sleigh is now officially full and we are unable to make any more deliveries before Christmas.

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