• cheesegeek The Arnie - Christmas Hamper
  • cheesegeek The Arnie - Christmas Hamper
  • cheesegeek The Arnie - Christmas Hamper

The Arnie - Christmas Hamper

3 cheeses
6 to 8 people
750g approx
Arnie is the man who has it all, and now we have the hamper that has it all. Yes- It’s that time of year again where a delicately decided paired cheese hamper is simply indispensable (at least we think so). This year our cheesy elves have been going crackers, perfecting the Christmas hamper to end all Christmas hampers. Containing three unique cheeses - a Camembert-style Tunworth, a feta-like Truffle Graceburn and a velvety sheep's milk Sheep Rustler, these are finely matched with some beautiful additions. Salted almonds, sun-dried tomatoes and Cornichons from Borough Market are there to tickle your tastebuds, with a divine Fennel and White Pepper Salami to accompany. To top it all off, you get seeded sourdough flatbreads and raw borage honey, ideal for drizzling. The perfect assortment, for the seamless Christmas treat. Hamper La Vista, Baby.


  • 250g Truffle Graceburn
  • 250g Tunworth
  • 200g Sheep Rustler

Alternative Vegetarian Cheese Option

  • 225g Golden Cross
  • 250g Waterloo
  • 200g Sheep Rustler
  • 200g Truffle Bomb


  • Fennel and White Pepper Salami (replaced with an extra cheese in the veggie selection)
  • Salted Almonds
  • Sundried Tomatoes
  • Cornichons
  • Raw Borage Honey
  • 2 x Seeded Sourdough Flatbreads

You can order cheese up until 9am on 23rd December for delivery on the 24th December with the option to choose your preferred delivery date. Slots fill up quickly so we recommend getting your orders in early.

Delivery is not only free, and not only at a set day of your choosing, but also comes in a climate control box (the only in the industry) that comes with a 48 hour freshness guarantee. If that wasn't enough, we also add an insert that will talk you through the info on the cheeses, tasting notes and a scorecard to help you make the very most of your festive cheesegeek delivery.

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The Christmas hamper to end all Christmas hampers

A cheesegeek Christmas hamper is a hamper like no other. We've selected products that we think work well together, no matter how you pair them, creating a delightful harmony of sensations. You also have the option to make this hamper veggie-friendly with some of our top veggie cheeses.

Hamper La Vista, Baby

Arnold Schwarzenegger, ish

The Perfect Pairings

The cheeses

Three artisan British cheeses


Truffle Graceburn - Superbly soft and rich, and of course, British, this is a decadent jar of deliciousness. Based on a persian feta recipe and infused with black truffles.

Tunworth - Hampshire Cheese's- distinctly British, have taken on a classic that is rich, creamy, buttery and smooth, but with a complexity that is a pleasant cabbage-style bitterness. It is finished with a subtle earthy and mushroomy aromas that just fills your mouth.

Sheep Rustler - A semi-hard sheep's milk cheese with a moreish texture and a hint of nutty caramel sweetness. It's washed in brine which gives Sheep Rustler its colourful orange/brown rind with natural mould spots. We're so obsessed with it and we're constantly off to rustle up some Sheep to get our hands on some more.


The accompaniments

Accompaniments designed to compliment the cheese


We've included a selection of delicious festive nibbles which work just as well on their own as they do paired with the cheeses.

Fennel and White Pepper Salami - an aromatic British salami with an added punch from the pepper

Salted Almonds - Spanish Almonds that are oh so moreish

Sun-dried Tomatoes - juicy sun-dried tomatoes with buckets of flavour

Cornichons - sour and crunch, infused with onions, wine vinegar and mustard seeds

Raw Borage Honey - mouthwateringly smooth with subtle flavours

Seeded Sourdough Flatbreads - the best flatbreads in the game. full stop.


For the veggies

Our alternative hamper options for the non-meat eaters


The veggie option features four vegetarian cheeses alongside 3 antipastis, a honey and the flatbreads. 

Golden Cross -a silky goat's cheese with flavour hints of rum & raisin ice cream

Waterloo - a knockout British brie-style cheese, made using Guernsey cow's milk

Truffle Bomb - a Christmas favourite, Lancashire cheese infused with truffle, remarkably addictive

Sheep Rustler - A semi-hard sheep's milk cheese with a moreish texture and a hint of nutty caramel sweetness


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    Includes cheese info, tasting notes and pairing tips as well as a scorecard to track your favs.


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