"There is nothing wrong with going to bed with cheese. People should be very free with cheese, they shouldn't draw the line at goats.""

Elton John*

*We may have adapted this quote

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Sold out

We designed The Elton as a box for two. If it's destined for 1 lucky individual, just make the appropriate selection below. The box for one includes half the wine and less cheese (425g rather than 650g)


three (blue or no-blue box)


425g for 1 person, 650g for 2 people


100ml fine wines (3 per person)


cherry amaretto (Optional)


Peter's yard sourdough (optional)


free (UK mainland)

Original, classic, extraordinary. Words we would use describe The Elton cheese and fine wine box, our modern twist on a traditional cheese and wine hamper. Nothing beats sitting in the summer sun enjoying a refreshing glass of vino and a slab of cheese and we've provided the tasting notes so you can run your own cheese and wine night at home, al fresco or even in the park. Bespoke your box for 1 or 2 people and blue or no blue cheese.
*glasses not included*

appleby's Cheshire with prunelle

Made by the Appleby family since 1952, it’s the last raw milk, clothbound Cheshire made in the UK today. They have managed to achieve that perfect balance of a cheese that’s light yet still full bodied. Moist yet still with a slight crumble.

Paired with Prunelle, this gives a fresh start to the pairings, transporting us to Wimbledon with flavours of strawberries with sour cream, and a tiny fresh basil bitterness in the background.

Prunelle is a 2018 vintage rosé from Côtes de Provence, 41% Grenache, 29% Syrah, 17% Cinsault and 13% Rolle.

You'll receive 200g of Appleby's in the box for two or 150g in the box for one.

Baron bigod with L'esprit du clos

Like all great Bries, most notably the world famous Brie de Meaux, Baron Bigod (pronounced By-God, because it is so damn good!!) has an absolutely perfect balance between rich decadent butter, and smooth earthy mushroom. Eating Brie should feel like a really extravagant and comforting experience, and Baron Bigod delivers on every level.

Paired with L'Esprit du Clos, this imparts a clear peaches and cream, or peach melba vibe when paired with the cheese and whisks us from the tennis to a majestic meadow picnic scene!

L'Esprit du Clos is a 2018 vintage from Rhône, 50% Viognier and 50% Roussane.

You'll receive 250g of Baron Bigod in the box for two or 125g in the box for one.

Harrogate blue with crozes Hermitage

Blue. Harrogate Blue has a beautiful golden colour, and matured for a minimum of 10 weeks, it has all the time it needs to develop those creamy, moist, rich flavours that balance the sharp spiciness of the blue veining so craftily.

Paired with Crozes Hermitage, the wine brings with it a definite pluminess that smoothed the spiky edges of the cheese for a smooth (just like Elton himself) finish.

You'll receive 200g of Harrogate Blue in the box for two or 150g in the box for one.

No Blue. If you're not a fan of a blue, whilst we'd love to convert you, we also offer a no blue option with Pitchfork, an extra mature cheddar made by the Trethowan Brothers in Somerset, with a dense and creamy texture, and an array of awards to its name.

Paired with Crozes Hermitage, the wine gives a real sense of summer with hints of blackberry and cherry followed by melon. A true melt-in-the-mouth pairing.

Crozes Hermitage is a 2018 vintage from Rhône, 100% Syrah.

cherry amaretto & Peter's yard originals (Optional)

Cherry Amaretto. Think a Bakewell tart... but better. Our mini 113g Cherry Amaretto has a sweet and sour tang that cuts through the fresh cheese perfectly. Every mouthful is an indulgence, but don't let that stop you.

Peter's Yard Originals. Sourdough Crispbreads. Simply the world's greatest crackers for cheese...fact.

Sold out


Delivery is not only free, and not only at a set day of your choosing, but also comes in a climate control box (the only in the industry) that comes with a 48 hour freshness guarantee.

If that wasn't enough, we also add an insert that will talk you through the info on the cheeses, tasting notes and a scorecard to help you make the very most of your cheese and wine evening!!