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Cheese Geeks unite. This is probably the greatest selection of cheese ever brought together in one handsome box. Put a bow on it, this turkey is done. There will be no Goldie Looking Pain here as our gold standard Christmas box is dressed to impress and backed up by some seriously good cheese. The best there is from across the world at this time of year, and a chance for you to experience the same indulgence as The Cheese Geek himself at his Christmas meal.

We say that Goldie can look after up to 15 people but this selection is so good, we’re not going to argue if this is just for you. We also include the best condiments in the business: The Three Gees consisting of Red Onion & Port Marmalade, Pear & Brandy Jam and Cherry & Amaretto Jam all from our friends at rosebud preserves, 2 packs of Crispbreads from Peter's Yard (Original Sourdough and Spelt & Fig) and guaranteed pre 4pm delivery with APC on your chosen date.

1.7kg of cheese. Put the kettle on, take a seat, and let me talk you through it...

Appleby's Cheshire (200g)

Sit tight whilst I amaze you with a mind-blowing cheese fact: for hundreds of years, Cheshire was more famous than Cheddar. And it’s actually Britain’s oldest cheese. 2 facts for the price of 1 there.

Our Cheshire of choice is Appleby's. It's the only traditional, farmhouse, clothbound Cheshire that's made with raw milk. Round of applause to the Appleby family.

She's unique and complex. Full bodied, tangy and zesty with a moist crumbly texture and a very mild finish. The colour comes from added Annatto resulting in her handsome hue.

cornish kern (200g)

The Colonel. He holds a special place in Cheese Geek hearts - the most recent British Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards. That was back in 2017 - for us, he's still top of the tree.

Lynher Dairies (famous for their Yargs) take the credit. It's Gouda style but uses Alpine starter cultures opening up a multitude of dimensions. He's balanced, dense but then supple. Salted caramel, toasted hazelnuts and almonds, and although savoury, it just tempts and teases you with a little bit of nutty buttery sweetness...and all the flavours just linger beautifully in your mouth for the perfect amount of time. Absolute worldy of a cheese....literally.

Westcombe Cheddar (200g)

Cheddar is your go to cheese, we get it. But this isn't just any cheddar, this is Cranberries inspired chedd...WOAH. STOP! We don’t mean this glorious handmade with raw milk cheddar has been infiltrated by cheese-killing red berries, we mean it lingers. Does it have to? Yes it does, and we’re more than happy to let it. She’s deep, complex, with flavour notes of hazelnut and grass. Linger all the way as far as we’re concerned.

baron bigod (250g)

Like all great Bries, most notably the world famous Brie de Meaux, Baron Bigod (pronounced By-God, because it is so damn good!!) has an absolutely perfect balance between rich decadent butter, and smooth earthy mushroom. It's not sharp or salty like some Bries can be - eating it should always be an extravagant, comforting experience, and Baron Bigod delivers on every level.

Fen Farm have taken on the French at their own game and in our view, it's a comprehensive victory.

golden cenarth (200g)

Golden Cenarth - Kenny to his friends. And he is blessed with friends because Kenny has such a warm heart. Yes, you need to get over the pong (but isn’t that half the reason we love cheese?!) but when you do, you’ll find a soft that’s incredibly delicate. He’s buttery & creamy but maintains a fermented fruity sweet tang from being washed in cider. Be warned, if Kenny is in a good mood, spoons may well be necessary.

rollright (250g)

Rollright. Never ever Rollwrong. Simply put, it's a better, British alternative to Reblochon. But it's so much more. It's luxurious, it's buttery, it's rich...but with an immensely satisfying crunch. And don't forget the woodiness thanks to the spruce bark wrap.

Whilst the guys at King Stone Dairy in Gloucestershire took inspiration from the washed rind soft cheeses of France and Switzerland, they have taken it to another level here. Keep on rollin.

stitchleton (200g)

Not one to start arguments here but we believe Stichelton to actually be a truer version of Stilton than Stilton itself. Once you have your head round that statement, here's why:

There are a few rules that must be followed for a Stilton to be a Stilton - one of which states that it must be made with pasteurised milk. This was only brought in after a health scare in the eighties. So if you're looking for a blue cheese that actually follows the traditional Stilton recipe (raw milk, natural rennet), our friend Stichelton is your guy.

The rusty coloured rind has a slightly spicy tang, and it has a firm texture which is broken by the blue-green mould veins that run throughout. The flavour is nutty, a little sweet and slight toasted, with a creamy finish. A delight on any cheeseboard – this is a cheese with a great back story!

buffalo blue (200g)

One of our absolute favourite cheese makers (shh don't tell the others). Shephard's Purse have brought you some heavy hitters in the blue cheese category and this is another winner. First made in 2001, this cheese retains their signature salty sweet taste of its infamous cousins but with a richer, creamier complexion. Here's thanks to you Buffalo!

The chalky blue veins compliment the supremely creamy taste and leave a punchy hit of spice on the tongue. We love it with the Pear & Brandy...killer combo territory,

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