• cheesegeek The Ross & Rachel - Luxury Brunch Box
  • cheesegeek The Ross & Rachel - Luxury Brunch Box

The Ross & Rachel - Luxury Brunch Box

5 cheeses
Artisan Coffee
2 to 6 people
600g approx
The One Where Ross & Rachel Take A Break... to drink coffee and eat cheese for breakfast. At cheesegeek we're huge advocates of eating cheese from dawn till dusk (the Europeans are ahead of the curve on this), and so have partnered with Ashley Palmer-Watts (of the Fat Duck and Dinner by Heston) at Artisan Coffee Co. to bring you the cheese and coffee box that our dreams are made of.
  • 120g Brightwell Ash
  • 120g Mayfield
  • 120g Coolea
  • 100g Waterloo
  • 120g Binham Blue
  • 30g Genius Cold Brew
  • 60g Smart Cookie Hot Brew
  • 227g Bilberry Jam
  • 45g Raw Borage Honey
  • Cold Brew Recipe Card written by Ashley Palmer Watts

Whilst we'd love to include a loaf of hot steaming bread, fresh out of the oven, unfortunately we're not miracle workers (yet!). We recommended baking a loaf of your choice (Sourdough is a winner with this box).

Delivery is not only free, and not only at a set day of your choosing, but also comes in a climate control box (the only in the industry) that comes with a 48 hour freshness guarantee. If that wasn't enough, we also add an insert that will talk you through the info on the cheeses, tasting notes and a scorecard to help you make the very most of your cheesegeek delivery!

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Free Shipping
Delivery is not only free, and not only at a set day of your choosing
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Say cheerio to cheerios... there's a new breakfast in town

You have five farmhouse British cheeses matched to two fresh and characterful coffee's alongside some perfectly paired condiments, in a luxury brunch box curated by Ashley Palmer-Watts (of the Fat Duck and Dinner by Heston) and Edward Hancock, founder of cheesegeek. This is a box to take your time on, much like Ross & Rachel did on finally getting together. Lazy weekend breakfasts, here we come.

We need to pivot... to eating cheese for breakfast

Ross Geller, ish

The Perfect Pairings

The Cheese

Five farmhouse cheeses to enjoy from dawn till dusk, all made in Britain & Ireland.


Brightwell Ash is a sumptuous goat's cheese. It's dense and silky texture, accompanied with halzenut and citrus notes mean it's super satisfying to chomp through when matched with coffee.

Mayfield is Britain’s answer to an Emmental, as lush and bouncy as a summer meadow with an alpine butteriness when paired with the coffees.

Coolea is a slightly milkier and grassier Comte/Gouda with flavours of toasted almonds & caramel and a smooth texture, leaving sensational tastes when tried with coffee.

Waterloo is a knockout Brie-style cheese is made using Guernsey cow's milk which is famously rich that produces amazingly creamy cheese, easy going with coffee.

Binham Blue a sweet blue with caramel-like notes and a fudgy texture, giving you notes of milky coffee when you try a wedge with Artisan's coffee.


The Coffee

This is coffee as you've never experienced or tasted it before to take your brunch to the next level.


Genius Cold Brew. The Genius is a truly original and complex character, you could say it's a work of genius. Ashley Palmer-Watts & Co, we salute you. We think the Genius is well suited to a cold brew and have a recipe card included in the box from APW himself to take you through the steps to nail that perfect cold brew. 

The Smart Cookie Hot Brew. Sumptuously smooth and seriously sexy, The Smart Cookie is an irresistible coffee that conjures up memories of warm summer days, like a big hug enveloping you. You'll get two sachets in the box, making you two full cafetieres of this smooth smooth coffee.


The Extras

Some nifty little extras for your lazy weekend brunch, paired to match the cheese and coffee.


As if five cheeses and two different styles of coffee weren't enough, we've also included some nifty little extras to help wake you up from your slumber.

Bilberry Jam (227g) - A flavour sensation made with wild Scandinavian blueberries.

Raw Borage Honey (45g) - Mouth-wateringly smooth with subtle flavours made by bees that snack on British starflowers (does it get more romantic than that?)


Meet Ashley Palmer-Watts

Ashley Palmer-Watts of 'Dinner by Heston' fame has curated this box alongside the founder of cheesegeek. A self-confessed coffee fanatic, APW co-founded Artisan Coffee Co. to revolutionise your morning cup of coffee with his flavour first approach, taking inspiration from champagne houses. He brings the same energy to The Ross & Rachel, to deliver the world's best brunch box.


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