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Herriard, Hampshire, England

6-8 weeks




Mild, floral creamy richness with hint of pine/rosemary

Vacherin Mont D'or

Not being able to consume copious quantities of Vacherin outside of September - April has always been a highly distressing issue within the cheese world...until now. Stacey Hedges and Charlotte Spruce have come to the rescue.
As if it wasn't good enough (or hard enough) to produce one cheese worthy of stopping time and space (Tunworth), they have now produced another...Winslade. Winslade is made in the style of Vacherin, with one notable difference. It is available ALL YEAR ROUND. Well Heavens Above, time and space have absolutely no chance now.
Winslade is spoonable once it has aged for around 6-7 weeks. It is just the most wonderful example of how cheese can be fresh and floral, but rich, creamy and indulgent at the same time. It lacks some of the obvious punch that a Tunworth has, as it is less salty, and has only a hint of the earthiness. But that does leave room for the subtle aromatic flavours of pine and rosemary that permeate from the spruce that encircles the cheese, as well as a slight floral fruitiness present in classic Vacherins. I know what you are thinking though..."you had me at spoonable".

TCG Tips: Leave to mature as long as possible, then give 2hrs at room temperature whilst you source the biggest spoons available...and a glass (bottle) of Gewurtzraminer or Vouvray.

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