The 'Perfect' Mother's Day Cheese Board

By Claragh Nugent

Mar 22, 2022

Mother's Day Cheese

Mum, Mother, Grandma, caregiver, problem-solver, finder of lost objects, get the picture. No matter the name, she’s an inspiration who means the absolute world.

Although some things still don’t add up: eating all of my carrots still doesn’t allow me to see in the dark, watermelons have not in fact grown in my stomach after eating the seeds, and the sky is not blue ‘just because’. Despite this Mum, she deserves to get spoiled rotten this Mother’s Day for all of her love, devotion and straight-up patience.

What better way to treat Mum than with some sublime cheese? No really, the yellow stuff really is the ideal gift. Why you say? Milk itself symbolises motherhood (we suggest you flex that gift thought-process, whilst presenting a board to her for some extra brownie points), giving you a tasty and meaningful gift. Now the ‘perfect’ Mother’s Day cheese board is a bit misleading, seeing as there are countless ‘perfect’ possibilities, so we’ve compiled a list of delightful cheeses to get your inspirational juices flowing before you treat those special women. 

For the ‘I told you so Mum’ (and she was right after all)

Westcombe Cheddar

The Godmother amongst cheddars, this lady is a real flavour of explosion. A little like that feeling when Grandma has fed you cake slice number 6 of the day. This yellow one has zesty citrus flavours throughout with pops of hazelnut and caramel! A perfect addition with a dollop of some Red Onion and Port Chutney.


If you really want to make Mum feel like a Queen, Rollright will add some real luxury to the day. It’s buttery and rich, with notes of woodiness due to its source bark wrap. It has an immensely satisfying crunch that really adds an extra oomph. 


A classic Blue whose sharpness is nearly (but not quite as strong) as Mum’s glare when you accidentally left all the lights on downstairs overnight. This gem of a cheese has some serious creaminess with a real spicy bite. Very similar to when Mum rightly says ‘I told you so’. 

For the Mum who can’t live without her coffee (Lorelai Gilmore, we’re looking at you)


Possibly one of the best Comtes in the biz, this gem will show your own wonder woman what the ultimate indulgence is all about. Its grainy texture combined with deep rich nutty sweetness reminds us of eating chocolate or toffee. Similar to those sweets Grandma still sneaks you before you leave. Perfect to snack on with your morning cup.

Baron Bigod

A brie-lliant creamy gem. Pronounced Bi-god, seeing as it’s so goddamn good. Sometimes the woman you call Mum, really can be a Goddess, so we think this beauty deserves a taste. It’s not too sharp like other Bries, but rather rich and creamy with smooth earthy and mushroom-like flavours. Just like coffee, she’ll keep coming back for more.

Cashel Blue

If you have a legend of a Mum, Grandma or just want to add the perfect blue for some complexity without an intense sharpness, Cashel is a must. With sweet notes of honey, hazelnut and creamy goodness, the finish is super clean with a tiny bit of saltiness at the end, just like your fourth cup of coffee.

She’s not a regular Mum, she’s a cool Mum


This cheese is simply a bit of a legend, although not as legendary as Mum singing Sweet Caroline at your 21st. Matured for 12-18 months, she has wildflower, sweet meadow grass and crisp flavours, with a texture as smooth as classic dance moves.


If Mum will be having a tipple or two this Mother’s Day, definitely include some Highmoor on your board as it pairs with just about anything from a pale ale to a robust red. It’s a delight all the way through, with brothy notes accompanied with a creamy soft centre. Just like Mum can be when stress is clearly getting to her. She can be a little sassy on the outside but deep down, you know she's just a softy. 

Binham Blue: 

This little number is the ‘I don’t like Blue’ converter. She’s sweet and fudgy, perfectly balanced by the salty mustiness from the rind. How does mum balance everything we don’t know, but Binham does it perfectly. 

For the ‘I don’t know how she does it Mum’


This beauty is nearly just as beautiful as Mum off out on date night (insert awwws here). She has an utterly divine moreish texture that’s somewhat springy when you press it. (Just how Mum expected you to spring out of bed for school). It has a slightly goaty tang but has more focus on its buttery, nutty and creamy flavours. 


Tunworth is basically a Camembert-style cheese but better. Just like your superwoman figure, just that little bit better than the others. Think of rich, creamy and buttery flavours with subtle earthy undertones. We absolutely love it, and are confident it’ll be a hit for Mum too!


This traditional queen is just as conventional as your Mother telling you to take your elbows off the table when you're eating. Her rusty coloured rind has quite a spicy tang, with nutty, sweet and slightly toasted flavours. Whilst munching on this beautiful Blue, let Mum know that it is actually made using the exact same recipe as the classic Stilton but made with unpasteurised milk.

There really are endless ‘perfect’ Mother’s Day cheese boards, but between these softies, hard’s, blue’s, and goat’s, you’re pretty much covered in presenting something remarkable. Just like Mum. 

Make sure to take a picture of your wonderful Mother’s Day cheese board. We simply can’t get enough of your creative platters.

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