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cg top tip: Serve at room temperature with a chunk of crusty bread

Cenarth Brie

Age:  6-8 weeks
Milk:  Cow's
Pasteurised:  Yes
Region:  Carmarthenshire
Vegetarian:  Yes
Made in the style of a traditional French Brie, Cenarth has the classic gooey, creamy interior that Brie style cheeses are so famous for, with slightly more intense mushroomy flavours in comparison to a traditional brie, that only ripens with age. Carwyn Adams and his family at Caws Cenarth have been making cheese for over three centuries with that experience showing in Cenarth Brie.

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Meet the Maker

Inspired by an ancestral tradition of cheesemaking, Gwynfor & Thelma Adams started Caws Cenarth and became a figurehead in the resurgance of Welsh artisan cheesemaking. Son Carwyn now runs the dairy and has expanded their range of award winning cheeses.


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