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cg top tip: Pairs perfectly with a Gewurtztraminer


Age:  12-18 months
Milk:  Cow's
Pasteurised:  No
Region:  Switzerland
Vegetarian:  No
L'Etivaz represents a true slice of cheese history. Made as Gruyere would have been 100 years ago, it is a truly traditional version that sticks unwaveringly to multi-generational production methods. L'Etivaz emerged as many cheesemakers and affineurs felt Gruyere had lost its true identity and modernised too greatly. Every wheel is crafted in a copper pot over a wood fire, with the wheels slightly smaller than Gruyere. This is how the cheesemaker would have traditionally carried the produce to the maturer (affineur). The cheese is only made in the summer months (May 10th - Oct 10th), when the cows are grazing at altitude, at least 1000m above sea level (and under 2,000m). The result is a divinely floral, slightly fermented sweet fruity twang, accompanied with a subtle smokiness that has more layers than a Millefeuille. A truly historic, and great cheese..

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