Wigmore (200g)

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From: Riseley, Berkshire, England
Aged: 6-8 weeks
Milk: Sheep's
Strength: 1/5
Hardness: 2/5
Nickname: 'The Sheepish Brie'
Tasting: Mild, Milky, Mushroom, Caramel
Try if you like: Brie de Meaux

A fascinating British interpretation of Brie (loosely speaking), this is made by the same producers of the Camembert-style Waterloo. Wigmore is actually made from sheep's milk, but it is more milky than butter rich, and rather than earthiness, it has a soft creaminess that is balanced by a lovely fruity/sweet fermented aroma. Finally, there is the perfectly smooth finish, with none of the bitterness you get from a Brie or a Camembert. It allows some nutty caramel flavours to come into the mix, which is totally unexpected from a bloomy rind cheese like this. A really lovely, relatively mild cheese for those who just want something more subtle and relaxed than the more robust flavours usually associated with a Brie or Camembert style cheese. It really is masterful cheese-making.

TCG Top Tip: Try it with your favourite Merlot.