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Bath, England

4 months

Cow's (U)



Nutty, moreish

“Youth may outrun the old, but not outwit” is a line that very much applies here. Move out of the way new cheese because the old guard is here and firing on all cylinders. Four generations of Dairy farmers have produced delicious cheeses from Park Farm. This particular beauty is based on an old Dutch gouda recipe but is gently pressed so that it keeps more of its natural moisture.

The name, taken from ‘The Canterbury Tales’  is ‘glorious in its majesty’. Nutty and moreish, it’s dense and springy texture owes much to the higher levels of moisture achieved by gently pressing it during production. This farmhouse classic in the making has just enough buttery quality to top off any summer cheesebox.

TCG Tips: it's summer - pair your crookwheel with a picnic blanket and some Wild cloudberry Jam

Add wild cloudberry jam

For the cherry on top of the icing of this already fantastic cake, why not add Wild Cloudberry Jam. It may well all disappear with your Crookwheel but if not, you can also spoon on to ice cream (yes, we're serious).

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