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Five wraps in each pack. 20cm x 20cm.
Sometimes (and we admit this might be very rarely) you may not devour all of your cheese in one go. That’s where our Beeswax Cheese Wraps come in. Just wrap and seal with the warmth of your hands and pop in the fridge for later.
The pure cotton (plastic-free!) squares are coated with pine resin, coconut oil and beeswax making them completely natural. With a gentle wash in cold, soapy water they can be used again and again. For a refresh, we recommend laying them flat on greaseproof paper and popping in the oven at 100 degrees Celsius for 6 minutes. Depending on how much you use them, each wrap will last around a year - when they’re done, they can be composted!
Whilst we always recommend for cheese, they can be used more widely although they aren’t suitable for uncooked meat or fish.
Lovingly made by hand (and hardworking bees) in Ayrshire, Scotland


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