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cg top tip: This white blend pairs beautifully with fish

Blank Bottle Orbitofrontal Cortex

Abv:  13.5%
Country:  South Africa
Grape:  Blend
Producer:  Blank Bottle
Region:  Western, Cape
Type:  White
Vintage:  2020
South Africa is the sommeliers darling of the moment. The wines are superbly priced and offer a wonderful halfway house between the Old World and The New World. But most importantly it is being spearheaded by a bunch of super cool youngsters who are ripping up the rule book and rewriting it. Pieter Walser of Blank Bottle is one of those leading the charge with his bizarrely named creations. Based in the trendy area North of Cape Town known as The Swartland, most of his wines are crazy blends. This is one of those - a blend of all sorts incluing Verdelho, Semillon, Grenache Blanc and Clairette. Ripe fruits with lots of freshness and peachy zestiness this paired well with so many cheeses - a textural beauty.

Our house wine selection has been curated by Alistair Cooper, Master of Wine. We're big believers that the importance of great wine when it comes to great cheese cannot be understated, and as such have selected these wines after hours and hours of scrutiny (and fun), to be all rounders for pairing with our cheese.

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