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Yorkshire, England

2 months

Buffalo's (U)



Rich, savoury

One of our absolute favourite cheese makers (shh don't tell the others). Shephard's Purse have brought you some heavy hitters in the blue cheese category and this is a winner. First made in 2001, this cheese retains their signature salty sweet taste of it's infamous cousins but with a richer, creamier complexion. Why wouldn't you like that?

The chalky blue veins compliment the supremely creamy taste and leave a punchy hit of spice on the tongue. Pairs perfectly with a tart jam (like Wild Cloudberry) to cut through the richness.

TCG Tips: it's summer - pair your Buffalo blue with a picnic blanket and some of our Barnstorming brandy and pear condie

Add barnstorming brandy and pear

For the cherry on top of the icing of this already fantastic cake, why not add barnstorming brandy and pear. It may well all disappear with your Buffalo Blue but if not, you can also add a handsome dollop to your breakfast porridge...

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