"I love the smell of cheese in the morning. It's like victory."

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"All that stuff about heavy metal cheese and hard rock cheese, I don't subscribe to any of that. It's all just cheese."

Luckily for you, us Geeks take a much more discerning view on our cheeses and have taken the time to make the perfect hard hitting, heavy metal cheese box. The undisputed 'godfather of cheddars, a cheese so good Limp Bizket serenaded it in 'keep on rollin' (don't fact check that), topped off with a rockstar of a blue with the Bath Blue.

If that wasn't enough, we've partnered with the awesome Gypsy Hill Brewery to bring you three perfectly paired beers to match.

Pitchfork 200g

The first of three award winners in this box and current 'best cheddar in the world'. One of only four true artisan raw milk cheddars still made in Somerset, the heart of cheddar country.

Pitchfork is a proper old fashioned cheddar, full bodied, creamy & dense. Aged for a year and produced using traditional cultures including 'Cheddaring' by hand and cloth binding, this really is cheddar as it should be.

Hepcat Session ipa 

This is Hepcat. A Session IPA. Their mainstay and original. It’s everything the style should be – fruity nose, juicy body, bright taste. A self proclaimed 'classic', we'll let you make your mind up...

Goes well with dancefloors and smooth moves.

rollright 250g

Rollright. Never ever Rollwrong. Simply put, it's a better, British alternative to Reblochon. But it's so much more. It's luxurious, it's buttery, it's rich...but with an immensely satisfying crunch. And don't forget the woodiness thanks to the spruce bark wrap. This guy comes as a 250g whole (it's a good whack of cheese but won't last more than a sitting).

Whilst the guys at King Stone Dairy in Gloucestershire took inspiration from the washed rind soft cheeses of France and Switzerland, they have taken it to another level here. Keep on rollin.

Bandit gf pale ale

This is Bandit. A Gluten Free Pale Ale. They took their beloved Beatnik and stole the gluten out. It’s a light, refreshing pale. Still fruity, still floral. Loads of flavour, just gluten free.

Goes well with high revs and breeze in your hair.

bath blue 200g

Form an orderly queue ladies and gentlemen and keep hold of your hats. This box will have you tucking into no less than a former supreme champion.

This farmhouse, hand made blue is so smooth. Never too salty, and perfectly complex. Our favourite moment though is the long, roasted nut finish that just lingers deliciously.

hunter helles lager 

This is Hunter. An uncompromised lager. All premium malts. All noble hops. Conditioned for 40 days. Unfiltered. Light bitterness, spicy, bready and moreish.

Goes well with swells and big breaks.

Peter's Yard Originals

Sourdough Crispbreads. Simply the world's greatest biscuits for cheese...fact.


Delivery is not only free, and not only at a set time of your choosing, but also comes in a climate control box (the only in the industry) that comes with a 48 hour freshness guarantee.

If that wasn't enough, we also add an insert that will talk you through the info on the cheeses, tasting notes and a scorecard to help you make the very most of your cheese and beer evening!!

Add 3 condiments for £6

For the cherry on top of the icing of this already fantastic cake, why not add The Three Gees. If you buy The Ozzy or The Iggy, they are only £6 rather than £8. Just add them to the cart and the discount will automatically apply.

we couldn't do it alone...

Nestled at the base of Gipsy Hill, in South London, they brew full flavoured, moreish brews of the highest standard. Every decision made is to enhance that first sip, and every sip thereafter, pushing innovation and engaging with our community. And their beers go great with cheese!!

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