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Hand picked cheese and chocolate

This is chocolate with a wild side! Seed & Bean offer 22 delicious, adventurous & unique flavours and are on a mission to create the most ethical, sustainable and delicious British chocolate. 100% organic and 100% compostable packaging.


No. of cheeses

3 crackerjacks (plus 3 award winning bars of chocolate)

Total grams

650g of cheese plus 250g of chocolate

Perfect for

Sweet and savoury lovers


Free (UK mainland)


Cheese info, Pairing notes and Scorecard


A night in on the sofa

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Whilst we at Cheese Geek HQ are verified cheese-aholics and would always choose the savoury over the sweet, we know that many of you would plump for chocolate over cheese. This got us thinking - should our fair customers be forced to choose? Or could we create a box that satisfied both ends of the taste spectrum?

Here we have it. The Turner & Hooch, starring for the first time together: certified top notch cheese from The Cheese Geek and world beating, ethically sourced chocolate from Seed & Bean.

The simple thing to do here is eat the cheese followed but the chocolate (or vice versa) but we have a challenge - try them together! We’re crazy. That’s what you’re thinking isn’t it. Cheese - yes. Chocolate - yes, but together? Nooooo. Well hold fire until you’ve tried them because you may be surprised.

Here are your superstars:

Cornish Kern (200g) - If you’ve tried Kern, you know. If you haven’t, then your life is about to change. It scooped top prize at The World Cheese Awards last year and is a completely justified World Champion. It’s a Gouda style cheese, made with alpine cultures, so it gets the best of both worlds. First it is almost floral sweetness that could make you weep, then out pops the nutty slightly melted butter on toast out of nowhere...close your eyes and you could be eating caramel. It has layer upon layer upon layer...you will love it. Guaranteed.

If you dare, try pairing it with Espresso Fine Dark Chocolate 58% cocoa (85g bar). Seed & Bean scoured the globe to find the perfect coffee bean for this bar - all the way from the edge of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest! These beans have been medium roasted for a flavour that's nutty, spicy and utterly addictive, combined with our Organic Trinitario Dominican cocoa. You could partner with a coffee…but give it a go with the Kern (we think it’s a killer combo).

Bath Soft (200g - whole) - You’ve guessed it, this charmer is a soft (so it’s not like one of those ironic things where ‘Big John’ is actually teeny) from Bath. He’s one of an army of British soft cheeses that are showing the French what we can do, and it goes against everything that you have ever been taught about cheese...it is made in the shape of a square! Don’t let this throw you though...it is soft, unctuous and creamy with classic mushroom hints (but never too much) and a teeny bit of citrus. It never gets too salty, and it has, of course, the most wonderful ooze. Allez!

We matched this with Cornish Sea Salt Extra Dark Chocolate 85g Bar. Dive into this new classic, made from rare Ecuadorian Organic ‘Nacional Cocoa’ beans, blended with smoked sea salt harvested from the clearest of Cornwall’s 'Grade A' classified waters. Delicate enough that it matches perfectly with the creamy Bath Soft. An indulgent combo.

Isle of Wight Blue (approx. 230g - whole) - we call this guy Oscar because he has awards coming out of his ears! Unusually for a blue you’ll get a whole mini-cheese to feast on - sharing is allowed but not recommended. There is just enough trademark blue sharpness in there, but all tempered by an almost unbearably velvety rich creaminess thanks to the Guernsey and Jersey cows, notorious for their rich milk. We’ll ship yours out at just the right age - around 5 weeks - which means you’ll get the perfect amount of punch. No supporting roles here, Oscar is right up there with the best blues in the land.

The cha cha cha - Cheese, Chocolate and Chilli. We’ve paired the IoW Blue with Chilli & Lime Extra Dark 72% Cocoa (85g bar). You’ll experience extra dark 72% Organic Trinitario Dominican Cocoa, combined with a medium strength chilli for a sweet, warm heat perfectly balanced with the slightest hint of citrus Mexican limes. We’ll be honest, there are a lot of flavours going on here...it’s not for the faint-hearted.


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