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cg top tip: A true 'session cheese', Ossau Iraty pairs with many things but we particularly enjoy it with some cherry jam and a glass of Pinot Noir.

Ossau Iraty

Age:  3-6 months
Milk:  Sheep's
Pasteurised:  No
Region:  Basque Country
Vegetarian:  No

One of only two AOC French Cheeses (the other being Roquefort), Ossau Iraty is a true French heavyweight, and probably the most famous non-blue sheep's milk cheese in France. It is the definition of a 'smooth' cheese, as it slips down without even a flicker of any sharpness or tanginess. It is a perfectly balanced combination of nutty caramel sweetness with slight floral and honey fruitiness flavours. What makes it even smoother is that it has more moisture than a comparable sheep's milk cheese (like Manchego for example, or Pecorino). Rather than being dry and slightly crumbly/chalky, it is supple, yielding and hugely satisfying to chew on. Interestingly, if you eat the rind, you will find it pushes the taste boat out way more, giving much more concentrated fermented fruit and richness.

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