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Like The Clash, The Sex Pistols and Buzzcocks, the cheeses in this box are set to be great British cheese classics, made by the true great British cheesemakers of our time. Swap the punk for some cheese funk and demolish your way through this box.

This box was created as part of the British Cheese Weekender, a weekend of celebrations of great British cheese taking place across 23rd-25th April.

*Props not included*

the british cult classics

st helena (120g)

Blake Bowden (cheesemaker extraordinaire) at St Jude has developed the divine washed rind St Helena, using raw Montbeliarde milk from the herd at Fen Farm. St Helena has an inviting, supple texture so reminiscent of a classic St Nectaire/Tomme. It is unmistakably rich, with milky and nutty sweet vibes that just keep you coming back for more. It's a new player to the British cheese scene but we're sure St Helena is set to be a future cult classic.

st james (120g)

A totally unique, washed rind sheep's milks cheese with deep and complex flavours, this time hailing from the northwest of England (Cumbria) and the fair hand of Martin Gott. One of the many things that makes this cheese so special, is that Martin uses his own starter cultures, using milk from his own sheep each season. So as far as expressions of place go, it doesn't get much more authentic than St James. If this isn't cult cheese, then nothing is.

pitchfork (120g)

This baby is handmade by the Trethowan's in Somerset. A clothbound cheddar made near Cheddar Gorge is a must try, and this cheddar is simply gorge-ous. Pitchfork has a juicy crunch to it and you'll find a farmy tang, a buttery undercoat, and a great crumbly, earthy breakdown in mouth. It won Best Cheddar at the 2019 World Cheese Awards and since then, has become a cult classic at The Cheese Geek.

baron bigod (120g)

We make this joke every time that we talk about the Baron, but Bi-God this cheese is good. Like all great Bries, most notably the world famous Brie de Meaux, Baron Bigod has an absolutely perfect balance between rich decadent butter, and smooth earthy mushroom. Made in Suffolk at Fen Farm Dairy, and served at Prince Harry's Breakfast on his Wedding Day, this cheese is well on its way to cult status.

Stichelton (120g)

Stichelton is an English blue cheese made in Nottinghamshire by Joe Schneider using organic, unpasteurised milk. It is made using a traditional Blue Stilton recipe, but with raw milk. For this reason it cannot be called a Stilton, as since the late 1980s, the PDO for Stilton stipulates that it must be made using pasteurised milk. However, by using raw milk, some would argue that it is the truest, most traditional ‘Stilton’ in production and a definite Cult British Classic.